Why Should You Buy The Tin Coated Copper Wire?

by Megha S. Self employed

Copper wires are always popular among manufacturers of electrical products because of their high electrical conductivity. While metals like gold, steel or aluminum may also be great electricity conductors, copper usage is extensive because it is both effective and cost-friendly. But, the bare copper wire can be prone to oxidation which leads to rusting. So, when copper wires get corroded after some years, they may not be found useful for marine applications or overhead wires. This is where the tin coated copper wire comes in; having a thin layer of tin ensures that these wires do not get corroded. Enamelled copper wire or magnet wire is a copper wire which has been coated with an insulation layer. This is primarily used for building electromagnets, transformers, motors and speakers, inductors etc.

Copper wires can be tinned by two main processes. The wire is first drawn to a certain size; it is then annealed through application of heat where a specific metal gets heated up to a temperature and then it is left to cool down slowly. The metal thus gets softened so that it can be easily bent into shape and cut. The operator will then either dip this wire into molten tin or it gets electroplated.

What are the key benefits of choosing tin coated copper wire?

Ø  When you choose tin coated copper wiring you must remember that these will not rust because the element tin can resist both oxygen and water. While the tin coated copper wire has all the positive benefits of copper, it also has the added protection of the tin layer against harsh weather conditions. This layer of tin also gives the wire more strength and longevity. This is why this variety of copper wires is seen to last at least ten times more than the regular copper wire.

Ø  Tin coated copper wire finds a lot of use in places where electrical appliances are left exposed to high humidity. This explains why such wires are mainly used for mine trains or buses, industrial cranes, marine projects etc. Since soldering the wires is easy, it is preferred for stronger connections.

Ø  Tin copper wires have been known to last for many years because of their anti-corrosive properties. They guarantee excellent performance even after many years of being in use. In comparison the non-tinned variety needs to be repaired and replaced from time to time.

Ø  The tinned variety is found to have more electrical conductivity compared to the non-tinned variety. These are most extensively used in the electrical goods industries and for powering electrical locomotives, trams and trolleys. They are also used in making automobiles and industrial cranes.

Ø  The tin coated copper wire is also widely used for soldering purposes. The properties of tin boost those of copper and help to make the copper underneath even stronger. This ensures that such tinned copper wires do not break even after regular wear and tear. Since tin plating improves copper wire longevity, they are cost-effective in the long run. They guarantee superior performance for low maintenance.

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