Why Ragdoll Cats are More Popular Than other Breeds?

by OMG Cattery Ragdoll Cat Breeders

Summary: If you want to keep a cat at home, you should bring home a Ragdoll that will become your family member.


Cat breeders Ontario suggest Ragdolls to pet lovers especially pet-loving families with kids. And there are justified reasons for suggesting this specific breed of cat.


Let’s discuss features of Ragdoll and study its behavior to understand why it is more suitable for families with kids


The first thing is personality


Ragdoll is a family cat because it behaves properly. For example, if you are out for a better part of a day, your pet would wait patiently for you to come back safe and run towards you on merely listening to your voice. It isn’t that the pet would tear up the house just because you were out and couldn’t spend time with it.


Families choose Ragdoll in kittens for sale Ontario because, perhaps, it is the only feline that doesn’t extend its claws while playing. So, you won’t have to worry about your pet injuring your children, if they are playing with the pet. Or, in other words, you can allow your kids to play with the cat. The Ragdoll will become a doll for them.


Ragdoll is a friendly and loyal breed. It isn’t that others aren’t, but that this very breed scores higher on friendliness and loyalty. And it won’t be an exaggeration to say that your pet would become a loving member of your family within a short time. You will find your kids playing with the pet and the cat enjoying the company of the kids.


The second thing is grooming


Cat breeders Ontario suggest steel combs to groom Ragdolls and you need to groom your pet only once or twice a week. Their fur requires cleaning to prevent loose hair strands from turning into hairballs. And you can easily find time to groom your pet as it isn’t a regular job. You can even fix grooming days for your pet.


The third thing is behavior


Ragdolls are called smart cats because they can be trained. They will pay heed to what you want them to do and try imitating your moves if you spend some time with them. Also, you don’t have to hire a professional pet trainer to train your cat. You can try teaching some fun tricks to your pet in your free time.


The fourth thing is temperament


The temperament of Ragdolls is called gold because of their laid-back attitude. For example, they will flip over whenever they are picked up with love and care. Also, they love hanging around their masters while their masters are busy with family or friends. They will even welcome more pets. If you choose to bring another pet at home, your Ragdoll cat would welcome the new member. It is for these characteristics that most kittens for sale Ontario are Ragdolls.

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