Why is it important to filter your tap water?

by Ava Jones Filtered Spring Water

Clean water is essential to our health and wellness. It is crucial to filter out contaminants before consuming them. Water filters remove harmful chemicals and bacteria to purify the deteriorating quality of water. There are several benefits of filtered water, such as improved taste, cost-effectiveness, and environment friendly.

About water quality in Australia

The Australian government needs to take more necessary steps and opt for filtered water solutions to provide safe drinking water. Heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, and chemicals degrade the water quality and cause several health-related problems. Chlorine is used for water purification but, if added in excessive amounts can be detrimental to our health. That’s why it is imperative to go with more advanced methods of purifying water.

Top Reasons to filter your tap water

There is a multitude of benefits that clean water offers. It’s essential to go for the water filtration process. Let’s understand how?

1. Water filtration provides you better taste and eliminates the smell of drinking water by removing chlorine, chemicals, heavy metals, contaminants, and pesticides. 

2. Water filters remove lead from drinking water before consumption and prevent them from entering the body.

3. The countertop filter gives clean and healthy water that’s less expensive than bottled water.

4. Water filters minimize the risk of cancers that include rectal cancer, colon cancer, and bladder cancer by eliminating chlorine and chlorine by-products such as Trihalomethanes(THMs) from drinking water.

5. A carbon water filter removes contaminants from drinking water while maintaining the PH value. 

6. Clean drinking water prevents the body from diseases and results in improved health and greater energy.

7. A water filter offers clean drinking water for cooking and drinking.

8. Water filters eliminate gastrointestinal disease to a great extent by removing cryptosporidium, e-coli, and giardia.

Why is Chlorine added to drinking water?

Chlorine is the addition of chlorine to drinking water to kill parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Small amounts of chlorine in drinking water can’t be detrimental to health and provide safety against waterborne diseases.

Does chlorine affect the smell and taste of water?

Chlorinated water has a different smell and taste than chlorinated water. Taste and water smell depend on the water quality and quantity of chlorine in it. 

The use of chlorine is essential to destroy disease-causing organisms in the water. It’s a crucial step to delivering safe and clean drinking water, thus protecting public health. 

Chlorine has been used to eliminate water-borne diseases like cholera, typhoid, and dysentery in developed countries. It is also used to kill slime bacteria, molds, and algae that develop in water supply areas and storage tanks. Chlorine is an inexpensive disinfectant that treats water.  

What are spring water dispensers?

A spring water dispenser is an appliance in which large bottles are used at the top of the dispenser, and water flows down due to gravitational pull. In Australia, these water dispensers are mostly used in commercial spaces due to their low cost and easy usage.

What things to consider while purchasing a water dispenser?

1. Availability of refill bottles: Prior to buying bottles in your location, check the availability of bottled water. 

2. Stainless steel reservoir: You should consider buying stainless steel water reservoirs as it reduces ‘plastic’ water taste. With these stainless-steel reservoirs, the plastic refill is not mounted on the top.

3. Drinking water temperature: It is imperative to check the water temperature before purchasing the dispenser. 

What’s natural spring water? 

Natural spring water flows from an underground aquifer to the earth’s surface. It flows along underground rocks, and minerals get dissolved in the water. 

In this article, we have discussed at length why water purification is essential to avoid health-related risks. So, use water filters to ensure excellent water quality.

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