Why Fashion Leotards Are Great For Children Too

by Daniel M. Blogger

Kids love doing something new, something interesting. As such, gymnastics serve as a domain towards which they can direct their admiration and curiosity.

Of course, they must wear something comfortable to do that. But, does that mean that we must kick any fashion out of the window? Must we do so merely to cater to the coziness aspect of it? No!

If you’re going to do it, ensure it’s with style.

Leotards for Children:

Certain clothes for gymnastics can be the same for girls and boys. The others can gender distinct. Generally, the communal attire for both sexes is the unisex leotard. They are great wears because they provide flexibility, do not catch on anything, and allow the gymnast to have a full range of movements.

For adult gymnasts, boys gymnastic clothes and girls leotard gymnastics (justaucorps fille gymnastique) clothes are discrete. Here, boys generally go for comfortable T-shirts and pants.

Nevertheless, in younger kids, boys leotards are nothing uncommon.

Whatever choice you go for, ensure the best of the following factors when selecting:

• Style
• Size
• Quality
• Color
• Durability
• Material or Fabric
• Cut
• Elasticity
• Sleeve Length
• Purpose - Competition or Training

Since children can get bored of something very quickly, attract their attention with colorful, beautifully cut, and fashionable leotards. However, never compromise on its quality.

Types of Leotards for Children:

Kids like to stand out. Thus, they want their gymnastic clothes to be different from the rest, be it color, cut, sleeve length, or material.

1. Based on the purpose, leotards can be of two types:

• Competition Leotard: Competition leotards provide the perfect fit that is not loose at any part of the body. Additionally, they are not too tight, giving the performers a feel of comfort, confidence, and success. As the name suggests, gymnasts use them during competitions to precisely outline their movements and body definition.

• Training Leotard: Irrespective of the style, it is suggested for young children to wear gymnastic clothes that are moderately loose and stretchable to allow space for growth. Since kids are new to gymnastics, they make clumsy movements and are more prone to getting hurt. For all these reasons, they should go for training leotards regardless of their gender.

2. Based on the sleeve length, three varieties of leotards are available:

• Long Sleeve Leotard (justaucorps manches longues): The long sleeve variants of the leotards give a flowy, natural feel to the movements. Only those children who have some proficiency in gymnastics must wear them as these types are a bit difficult to handle. The sleeves may get caught on something, leading to accidents.

• Short Sleeve Leotard: Anyone can wear them, and they are suitable for any occasion. Generally, they are worn during practice or rehearsals to check and monitor the gymnasts’ movements and determine the areas of improvement.

• Sleeveless Leotard: One can see the sleeveless gymnastic clothes primarily during competitions or even during practices. Compared to the other two of its kind, they are the most common for all age groups.

3. The print on the leotards can include:

• Floral Patterns
• Abstract Designs
• Animal Shapes
• Single Color
• Stripes
• Polka Dots
• Check-box
• Various Shapes

A grouping of two or more of these different types, added with unique color combinations, leads to n number of leotards. All of them are available in the market. Some exemplars can be yellow floral crop top or orange striped open back, based on the color, pattern, and cut type.

If any ready-made ones do not catch your child’s eye, you can always go for custom leotards. According to what the child prefers, any exclusive creation is feasible, even mud-brown long sleeve cow print ones.

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