Why Does the Oil Circuit of Diesel Generator Set Mix with Air

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When the oil circuit of the diesel generator set is mixed with air, it will bring great obstacles to the operation of the diesel generator set, leading to the diesel generator set is difficult to start or easily shut down.

Why is air mixed into the oil circuit of diesel generator set? Generator manufacturers remind that the fundamental reason for the mixing of air into the oil circuit of the unit is that at least one injector needle valve couple in the diesel generator has the phenomenon of wear and seal looseness, so that the combustion gas flows back through the injector into the oil return system, resulting in a large amount of gas in the oil return system. Therefore, when the diesel generator set appears the phenomenon of oil mixed with air, the user must first test all the injector, and repair or replace the needle valve couple. Below the top bo power for you to introduce two effective detection methods.

  1. Conventional method.

Use screw driver or wrench to unscrew any one of the upper end of the injection pump on both sides for several turns, then continuously press the manual oil pump by hand until the diesel is discharged, until there is no bubble, and the sound of squeak is issued. Tighten the deflating screw and press the manual oil pump back to the original position, as shown in Figure 1-1. Figure 1-2 shows how to exhaust gas from the oil pipeline system of a single pump.

2.Unconventional methods (emergency).

(1) if the side did not open on the fuel injection pump gas screw suitable screw whorls or wrench, you can turn on the first manual oil pump, then release from diesel filter to the fuel injection pump between any one piece, and then repeatedly for manual oil pump pressure to the eduction in the joint of unobstructed flow without air bubbles, and then press the manual oil pump and tighten the joint, Finally, press the manual oil pump back to its original position.

(2) When there is no wrench to loosen the pipe joint around, the manual oil pump can be repeatedly pressed until the oil pressure of the low pressure oil pipeline between the feed pump and the injection pump is high enough, the fuel flows from the overflow valve into the fuel reflux pipeline, and the gas in the oil pipeline will be discharged from the overflow.

(3) If you need to discharge the air in the oil pipeline, you can first loosen the air discharge screw on the injection pump or loosen any joint between the diesel filter and the injection pump, and then start to drive the mechanical oil pump, the leakage point will eject the fuel without bubbles. At this time, you can exhaust the air by tightening the loosened leakage point.

Tips from Dingbo Power: When the power generator, the phenomenon of the oil mixed with air, if return oil injector is directly back to the fuel tank, for the operation of the diesel generator set of direct influence is relatively small, but if oil injector is to the fuel filter, will cause serious impact to the operation of the diesel generator, so regular inspection on diesel generator set maintenance is very necessary, and timely detection of problems, timely treatment, to ensure the normal operation of the unit, prolong the service life.If you want to know more about Diesel generator,welcome to contact us by email

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