Why does MLM and Network Marketing get such a bad rap?

by Dan G. Fox Solutions to help you make money online
MLM (multi-level marketing)  and network marketing gets a bad rap for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common reasons include:

1. Pressure to buy inventory: MLM distributors are often pressured to buy inventory in order to meet sales quotas and move up the ranks within the organization. This can lead to distributors buying more inventory than they need or want, which can be financially draining.

2. High turnover rates: Many people who join MLM companies may not have the necessary skills or resources to successfully build a business. High dropout rates can make it difficult for individuals to earn a sustainable income and lead to negative experiences.

3. Poor reputation: Unfortunately, some MLM companies have been associated with scams or unethical practices in the past. Even legitimate MLM companies may struggle to overcome a negative reputation in the eyes of the public and potential customers.

4. Little focus on product quality: Some critics argue that MLM companies focus more on recruitment than developing high-quality products. This can lead to a lack of emphasis on product development and innovation.

These factors have contributed to the negative perception of MLM in some circles. However, there is a New MLM company, named LiveGood that is changing the MLM landscape and disrupting the industry.

The main difference between LiveGood and old school MLM (multi-level marketing) is in their business models and approach to sales. 

In old school MLM, distributors are required to purchase a certain amount of inventory and then sell those products to their friends, family, and acquaintances. Distributors also earn commissions on sales made by other people they recruit as distributors themselves. This can sometimes create problems when individuals feel pressured to buy inventory they don't need or sell to others who may not want or need the products.

On the other hand, LiveGood operates on an affiliate marketing platform. This means that affiliates are not required to purchase inventory and instead can promote products through online channels, such as social media, blogs, and websites. Affiliates earn commissions on sales generated through their unique affiliate links.  There are no autoships or mandatory purchases and there are BV, PV, GV to worry about like most MLMs require. LiveGood operates on a membership model similar to Costco, Sam's Club, or Amazon Prime.  My being a member of LiveGood, the products are extremely inexpensive where you can buy products with 70% to 90% off retail in some cases.

LiveGood has six ways for their affiliates to make money and unique to the network marketing world is the ability for affiliates to make money even if they do not refer anyone or sell anything.

Because of it's low entry fee to become a member and an affiliate, people from all over the world, even third world companies are able to join and profit from their generous marketing plan.

I have seen people who have never made money online making it with LiveGood because of the way the compensation plan is designed.  It is designed for the little person to make money unlike some of its MLM competitors.  

LiveGood also focuses heavily on natural, plant-based ingredients in its supplements and personal care products, whereas traditional MLM companies may focus on a wider range of products and ingredients. LiveGood is committed to using only high-quality, natural ingredients that have been sourced from trusted suppliers, which is especially important for individuals who prioritize clean and healthy living.

Livegood is working on revolutionizing the MLM industry so it will no longer be frowned upon,  but seem as valuable, attainable business model.  I am limited in space here, but if you want to see more on how LiveGood is changing the reputation of the MLM industry, take a free tour and get the full inside look at why it is growing so fast and so many people are excited about it.

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