What Is Network Marketing?

by Amanda Kolders Programming

How many people do you know who have no social network? Even if they are personally hostile to cyberspace, they still use a social network such as Instagram or messaging such as Telegram.

When everyone is active in at least one medium and the use of these networks is increasing day by day, why not use this capacity to market your business?

Yes, you can use social media to grow your business; This means social media marketing!

Businesses initially used these platforms to share content so that they could increase their site traffic and hope that their sales would also increase.

But social media has a much higher capacity than these professions. In this chapter, we will talk about marketing with these virtual networks that have made everyone addicted.

What is social media marketing?

First of all, we need to define Social Media Marketing (SMM) . When you use social media to reach your marketing and sales, you are actually marketing social media; We do not mean, for example, launching a sales page on Instagram and selling your products; Of course, this can be done, but it is better to be more subtle and professional.

The main base of your customers is the site, and these networks are supposed to help the site grow, brand, increase sales and even increase website traffic by bringing you closer to your audience.

In fact, your social media page is like a shop that you pay nothing to rent, but you can reach a large number of customers. Activity on social networks (including Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) increases your audience and has long-term effects on branding and advertising.

For example, many small and large brands, in collaboration with Instagram influencers (Instagram influencers), place their products in people's minds and encourage them to buy.

Why should my business be on social media?

Did you know that social media has the highest growth rate in history? Even more than the growing trend of Internet use! Many people spend most of their time on these networks, they enter the application with themselves and they leave with God!

How many hours do you spend on these networks? How many of these programs are you a member of? How many times a day do you check your Instagram, Twitter or other apps?

The fact is that these media are a means of communication and interaction, and they are now a big part of our lives. A business needs to be where its users are in order to be able to connect with its audience and improve its marketing process. For this reason, the presence of businesses in social networks is very important, but each brand must choose the appropriate platform according to its type of business, target audience and purpose.

The most popular social media these days are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and Snapshot.

As a business you can on social networks:

And increase your interaction with your audience and gain their trust to become your best customer.

Another advantage of using social media is that you can talk to your audience directly; On the other hand, your audience will understand that behind this brand, there are people who care about their audience, not a dry, machine-like brand that only cares about its own business.

Social media is a place where you can engage and gain the trust of people with text, photos and videos, using emotions and other content that engages the audience, which you will not have on the site.

In this chapter, we will tell you how you can make the most of social media for your marketing and sales and increase your social presence.

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How to do network marketing?

What you want from social media marketing is for people to know your brand and what you want to grow your business and increase your sales, it does not happen overnight! This, like any other program, requires you to take the right steps; Of course, you do not have to work hard, as soon as you know what you are doing and what your goal is and where you are going. From then on, you start running.

But before that, read the following steps, well you understand, you can put them aside and make a simple plan for yourself.

There is a famous saying: first you have to learn the rules, then you can break them! So, let's learn the rules first.

1. Have a strategy

Social marketing without a plan is like going to the forest without a plan, you may enjoy it but you will be completely lost. It is true that the appearance of social networks does not fit into planning and these professions, but now the discussion is different; If you want to achieve your business goals; It is not possible without a program.

Of course, you are not going to make a hard and strange plan, just specify a few things for yourself in this program:

What is your goal?

First, define your purpose for being on social media and targeted mobile traffic; What do you want to achieve? Some businesses aim to be branded on these networks; they want people to know them. Some businesses use social media as leverage to grow their site traffic and sales.

However, social media can help you get your brand highly engaged, and it can even be a support channel for your customers.

Which platform is right for you?

Currently, the largest social networks are Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter.

You need to choose the media that you know your target audience is there. For example, for a B2B business (a business whose customers are other businesses), LinkedIn is the best program; Because it is a business network in which companies are present.

If you have public products or your audience can be the general public, Instagram is the best space for you.

In general, choose the right platforms for your work according to three factors:

1.    Target audience

2.    Business Type

3.    Content type (which we will explain in the next section)

What content to share?

Specify the type of content you want to share based on your target audience, your business, and the network you want to operate on. Is the text, photo or video appropriate or is it better to link somewhere else? You can get help from the customer persona to find the answers to these questions. Personas are fictional characters who have the characteristics of your customers and help you tailor your program to the characteristics and needs of your customers. (Read more)

So, choose the right content according to your audience and type of business.

For example, a tourism company should do its best to produce photos and videos so that it can show the beauties and landscapes of different cities and countries to the audience. In this way, he can make the audience want to travel to these areas.

Because these contents are supposed to be visually appealing, they are more visible on Instagram and Pinterest, as they are more intuitive and image-oriented. You see? Depending on the type of business, both the content and the appropriate media were identified!

2. It is time to produce and publish!

Just as you simply post a photo or video on your Instagram or Facebook, you are going to do the same for your brand; However, in publishing company posts, one should be aware of a number of things.

For example, you should produce content that the audience likes or post on days and hours when the audience is more online to get the most views. Social networks usually provide this information in their statistics and data section.

For example, if you go to the Insight section on Instagram, you can find all the information you need here.

In the content section, you can see which of your content got the best feedback or, in other words, which posts were most liked by users. You can add more of these posts in the future.

In the activity section, you can see on which days most users have seen your page; you can publish the most important posts on these days.

In the audience section, can you find out how old your users are? Are most women or men? And what hours of the day are they most online?

You can use this data in developing your Instagram strategy, what kind of content to publish and when.

If you are just starting out, tailor the program to your goals, audience, and type of business, then change the program later according to the feedback.

Now you say to yourself that we cannot spend the whole day making and publishing posts on virtual networks, or for example, wake up at one o'clock at night and post. Obviously, you should not be, you have a specific plan according to which you can prepare your posts in advance. This way, both tools such as   Buffer Publish and new hub will help you to pre-schedule posts to be published at a certain hour automatically.

The less you are active in cyberspace, the more your daily conversations increase, the more people comment on your posts, the more they text you directly!

Sometimes they even talk about your brand without your permission or your knowledge. Leave positive and negative comments under your posts. Now these words can be praise, it can be saying problems and criticizing.

One of the things you need to do in social media marketing is to monitor and control what happens.

If they commented positively, thank you and enjoy; But if there is a complaint and a problem in the middle, solve the problem through support before the work is narrowed down.

3. Monitor the results moment by moment!

When it comes to social media marketing, you want to know how you are doing. Do more people see you? Do they interact more with you? How many positive quotes do you get per month? How many people use your brand hashtag?

As we said before, different platforms themselves provide you with data that you can use to gauge your performance in that program; But if you want to see how these networks have helped your business, you can get help from the Google Analytics tool; With this tool, you can find out how many people from social networks have entered your site? How many people have become your customers?

4. And advertising ...

So far, your job has been to roll up your sleeves and keep your social networks thriving with continuous activity (depending on your business plan and goals, of course). After that, if you have more budget for social media marketing, you can go one step further and advertise.

Social platforms are powerful advertising tools that can broaden your audience.

For advertising, you can exchange with people whose work is related to you or ask them to introduce you to their channel. For example, design a good banner and tell them to share on their page; Do not doubt that being introduced by someone who is related to your specialty is a positive point for people to trust you and get to know you.

Getting help from influencers is another way to advertise on virtual networks. An influencer is someone who can influence people because of his reputation or social status, that is, his words have a buyer for the people. For example, celebrities and celebrities, experts or bloggers that people follow, or even people in your field of work that most people know, can be influencers.

These people advertise your brand or product for a fee; But sometimes, because of their reputation, this amount skyrockets and may not have any economic justification for you at all.

Although the cost of influencer advertising is still lower than billiards and TV advertising, we suggest that you first work on your own page and get your communications to a point where people will spontaneously introduce you.

Ad reporting is a great way to market yourself.

By including news reporting, not only will your product be introduced, but your Google rankings will also increase.
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Where should we be?

In this section, we want to talk about each network and see what style and context different platforms have and how we should have a strong and active presence in them.


Facebook's friendly and intimate environment requires you to have an active and energetic marketing strategy; Post every day about your work and the products and events that happen in your field and increase your chances of branding and selling. Note that no matter how much you get into business discussions, you should not stay away from the intimacy and communication of my friends. Mind you, Facebook traffic is a place where people go to relax and chat with their friends, so no matter how much you get into a business discussion, you need to maintain a friendly and friendly tone.


Instagram is a completely intuitive environment and the audience follows photos and videos more than text content! Even if you shake the stormiest caption in the world, you must first draw the user's attention to the post with a good photo.

This is a great opportunity to impress with your banners and images of your products, services and activities. Or you can post photos and videos behind the scenes of your brand to make users feel closer to your brand and increase their trust.

Since most Iranians use this platform, you have access to a wide range of people; So, you can grow your business by attracting new audiences.

There are 3 important points to be seen on Instagram that you should always remember:

1.    Work on your visual content and choose compelling titles to grab the audience's attention

2.    Constantly generate content

3.    Do not forget the friendly tone and friendly communication with users

4.    To go viral, you need to not be routine and stereotyped


Twitter is one of the most popular social networks that allows you to keep up to date with the latest news, interesting content, discounts and updates.

Twitter style is short, heartfelt and a little bolder than other platforms. You have 280 characters in each tweet to write your message, so there is no room for Chinese footnotes, and you have to go straight to the point.

On the other hand, due to the bold style of Twitter traffic, users also speak openly and directly; Sometimes they ruthlessly question issues and sometimes they express their criticism in humorous language. That's why messages that target social responsibility or have a bit of irony are more welcome that you can incorporate into your Twitter ad campaigns.

Remember that Twitter users are looking for something different, so sometimes you have to break down boundaries a bit to expand your business.

When someone compliments you, retweet and don't forget to answer people's questions. Twitter revolves around conversation as a social tool, so interact with users as much as possible to find new audiences.

It is true that this network has limitations in Iran, but it still maintains its popularity and is considered one of the most popular platforms. So you can easily use this program to communicate with customers, attract customers, sales and marketing and branding.

If you have a good marketing plan based on the features we mentioned on Twitter, you will grow faster than other networks.


Until recently, we thought that no one in the USA uses Pinterest until we saw dozens of people read Pinterest articles on the new blog every day and ask questions about the settings of this program. Pinterest also allows users to display their products and brand personality with unique promotional images.

Because Pinterest is less used in Iran, it is a bit difficult to determine which strategy works best for Ibn Shabak, so you need a little trial and error to choose the best procedure for you.

Just keep in mind that most users of this network are women, if your target audience is women, you need to join Pinterest!


LinkedIn is a professional site for social media marketing. Because you are in direct contact with businesses. LinkedIn groups are the best place to chat with people from similar industries and share your business content.

In this network, you have to be a little more businesslike and talk more about business; Those who are members of LinkedIn, have not come to this network for rest and entertainment, they have come to use information and business news.

This is the best opportunity to talk about your expertise and make your business more reliable. You can also get help from this network to hire specialized personnel. To get familiar with the network, the paper LinkedIn and building corporate account and read


YouTube is the best place to share video content and can also be a powerful tool for social media marketing. All brands try to make promotional videos that go viral quickly on YouTube, but in reality, it is not that simple.

But you can work on videos that are useful and informative videos that users search and search for every day. This way, you will get a good position in the ranking of video search results in Google. So, in the beginning you cannot consider the power of video content and focus more on topics and training.

Several tools for managing and analyzing social networks

It can be very difficult when you want to manage multiple social networks at the same time.

Social media management tools were created for exactly this purpose so that you can easily manage multiple profiles on different social networks at the same time. Some of these services have the ability to produce fast content and some are just tools for advanced statistics and analysis.

Digital marketing tools in the field of social networks are very diverse for each platform. In Iran, due to the fact that Instagram is more popular, most of the tools related to Instagram are used.

Social blade

Suppose you want to pay an Instagram influencer to advertise for you; This influencer has 500,000 followers, but you do not know if these followers and likes are real or not; Do you know that it is possible to add fake followers and unrealistic likes? How do you know that half of these followers are not fake, and your ad is useless?

The socilablade tool can clarify this issue for you, just enter your username in this tool to show you the statistics related to the page. social blade covers statistics on YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The best way to check your own or anyone else's social media is to have long-term statistics and measure your progress.

Cost:  Basic and limited information is free. Non-free plans start at $ 4 per month.


Ninjalitics a free tool that is used exclusively for monitoring and statistics and information Instagram Followers Fruitful theme of change of the rate of interaction (Engagement ) and more to show you.


You probably know the buffer ; A powerful tool in digital marketing used to manage social networks. With this tool, you can manage your social networks on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube simultaneously. The main purpose of the automation buffer is petting, monitoring and increasing efficiency. You can connect different platforms to this tool and do a variety of things. The cost of this tool depends on the services you need.

Facebook Creator Studio

With the simple and free Creator Studio program , you can easily schedule your Instagram posts for publication and monitor your Instagram statistics. If someone only has an Instagram page, this one tool will meet their needs.

All we said was general social media traffic marketing and what you can do for your brand on these networks, but these are just theories; When you get into the business of these networks, you have to deal with thousands of other things that show up as you work. But do not worry; You can easily control their worries and you can manage them.

And last but not least, all the marketing in the world is moving towards strong customer relationships and there is no better place than social media for customer and brand interaction. Now, if you want our relationship with you to be more intimate, we would be happy for you to follow us on social media and read more here.


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