Why Do Some Sweet Dessert E-Juices Last Longer Than Other Flavor Types?

by ENB F. Flavors

Have you ever noticed that sweeter e-liquids tend to last longer than tobacco and menthol flavors?

As it turns out, you're not imagining things.

It is true that dessert flavor ejuice lasts in your tank and while you store it for later use.

About Dessert Flavors

Past cigarette smokers, how many of you light up right after a meal? Desserts are a better choice.

Choosing dessert vape juice will help you avoid the calories and weight gain. 

The flavor profile is similar without the texture. A lot of vapers start with simple fruit flavors of e-juice or traditional tobacco. 

Eventually, they make a move toward more complex desserts. Dessert flavors include ice cream, donuts, pies, custards, cookies, and cheesecakes.

There is, however, no exhaustive list here. It is likely that everyone's favorite dessert is waiting for them in a bottle somewhere. 

It's no longer necessary to wait for a special occasion to indulge in your favorite flavors.

It All Boils Down To The Sweetener

Due to the sweetener in dessert flavor ejuice, sweeter vapes tend to last longer. All vape juices contain flavoring extracts, but sweeteners are different.

Fruit extracts tend to be liquidy and thin, but sweeteners like syrup that add extra sweetness are thicker.

VG vape juices last longer than PG vape juices because VG is thicker and therefore takes longer to become vapor.

Comparing flavoring extracts with sweeteners follows the same principle.

A sweetener in the formula will delay the e-liquid's evaporation, so to speak. Naturally, not all fruit and dessert flavors use a lot of sweetener.

Those that do will likely give you the most bang for your buck in the long run.

How Long Sweeter Vapes Last In Your Tank

Your tank will usually last longer with sweeter vapes.

It will take a long time to reach the bottom of your tank when you fill your tank with an extremely sweet e-juice, compared to, say, a pure menthol flavor.

As a result of the thickness level of sweetener, thicker formulas vaporize more slowly. E-juices with more sweetener are more likely to gunk up your coil.

As the sugar burns, it forms a film that can cover airflow components.

Therefore, if you vape sweeter e-liquids, make sure that you clean your tank regularly and check your coil for buildup.

How Long Sweeter Vapes Last On The Shelf

Sweeter vapes like dessert flavor ejuice may also last longer.

Oxidation is responsible for this. When exposed to oxygen, thinner ingredients evaporate faster.

Additionally, thick ingredients such as sweetener, when mixed into the recipe properly, will bind with the other molecules in order to act as a preservative.

As the e-liquid thickens and darkens over time, you can expect its flavor and nicotine content to remain the same.

Therefore, sweeter flavors usually last longer than sour ones.

Those who enjoy fruity or dessert-inspired vapes have yet another reason to enjoy their favorite e-liquids.

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