Why Best Vastu Consultant in Kolkata Recommends Using Blue Color in the North Zones in Vastu!

by Pinaki Pal Vastu Shastra
As per best vastu consultant in Kolkata the importance of colors is crucial for all vastu. You should follow some specific guidelines to make sure that the perfect balance is set on the vastu.
Discussing the entire color vastu therapy in a single article will make it exceptionally lengthy. So in this article best vastu consultant in Kolkata will discuss the best and worst colors for the north zone of the vastu.
There are 5 zones in north side and out of them, 4 represents the water element. These are north of north west, north, north of north east and north east.
When you look at water bodies, you can find that they appear primarily blue during the day. But the color changes to black at night. So, best vastu consultant in Kolkata says that there are 2 suitable colors that
represent the water element, blue and black.
However it is best to use only blue color primarily. You can use black color for borders or tiles only. Even when using the blue color you should use light shades of blue colors. Using dark shades can bring
gloominess in the house and the occupants.
Alongside knowing the ideal colors of north you should know which colors you must never use.
Which colors are forbidden by best vastu consultant in Kolkata for north zones?
The zones that that sits right against the north zone is south. The south zones represent the fire element in vastu. The red color family (red, orange, maroon, violet, purple etc) is used to represent the fire element.
You don’t need best vastu consultant in Kolkata to break it to you that water and fire elements are anti to one another. So, mixing these zones is a bad idea.
If you use any shade of red color in the north zone triggers severe defects. Likewise using the blue or black colors in the south zones can trigger major defect too.
In case your north side walls have red colors, you need to repaint the walls as soon as possible. If you life in a rented place and doing is not possible them install a red colored bulb and lit it 24/7.
Best vastu consultant in Kolkata reminds that the color vastu therapy must be followed not only for the wall colors but also for the fabrics in the particular zone.
It means before you purchase your bedsheets, curtains, rugs, sofa cover, table cloth, washing machine cover etc, you should just refer to the chart once.
The complete guidelines of vastu color therapy are available from expert vastuvid. Get these guidelines and make your home vastu perfect.

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