Why Apartment Living is Awesome

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One of the most confusing questions hits in everyone’s mind when thinking of buying or renting a home is ‘Apartment or Independent Home’? Though many say, an independent home gives you privacy and freedom there are multiple advantages when you are going for an apartment instead of building, buying or renting a home.

1. Cost Advantage

Living in an Apartment can be much more cost efficient when compared to an independent villa or home. One of the immediate cost factors is the rent if you staying in a rented place and next is the bills. Independent villas come with extra space; extra space comes with extra electrical points as well. The more the points more the electricity bill is.

In the case of Apartments, since the space is carefully squeezed there would be less number of electrical points compared to independent homes. Lesser the points lesser would be the bill. So if we overall compare the bills of an apartment and an independent house, Apartment always has an upper hand by saving money

2. Less Headache on Maintenance

Apartments always make you a hassle-free stay. For an example, if you are living in an apartment and in case you face any problem either with plumbing or electrical related works, you can call up the apartment manager or caretaker and he will ensure your problem is fixed by getting a plumber or an electrician. This is not the case with an independent house, you need to search for an electrician or a plumber and even if you get to reach them, their availability may not be that easy. The reason is simple, in an apartment they are serving mass customers so they ensure their availability in quick time but in the case of an independent house, they serve only one customer so the priority becomes less.

Usually, most of the decent size apartments will have their own maintenance people inside the facility itself, to ensure a hassle-free stay at the apartment.

3. Increased safety

One of the most important and relevant factors in today’s scenario is Safety. Most of the apartments promise a 24/7 security and many apartments today comes with CCTV facility as well. Also, anyone to get inside an apartment you need to sign at the security gate and the security makes sure that whoever comes into the apartment has a reason to come in. In the case of an independent house, we don’t have these safety parameters. One of the safety parameters Independent house owners follow is the safety of the locality. But even if the locality is safe, there is still a chance of fear factor.   

Also if we look at from a practical angle, it’s not easy for a thief to get in and take your valuables without having someone’s eyesight. Since you are living amidst of mass crowd it’s not easy for someone to steal things and come out without others knowledge.

4. Amenities

Most of the apartment often comes with a plethora of amenities that you don’t often get if you build or rent houses, whether it is gym, pools, and rooftop entertaining areas, BBQ areas, laundry rooms and secure storage cages. Having a gym and pool in the site is not only a convenient factor but also help you save money which otherwise you need to spend by taking membership in a gym or a pool.

Also, most of the apartments offer party areas where you can conduct birthday parties or any specific events with a small crowd which in the case of independent houses you need by booking a party hall or in a hotel or any clubs which will be on an additional cost.

Another key attraction is the car park. Especially when you are living in an urban area getting one car park itself is a luxury. What will your guests do if they come for an overnight stay? This is where apartments give you an advantage. Most of the apartments offer guest parking facility.

5. Low commitment

When we look at the rent, apartments generally offer lower rents compared to independent villas which indeed help you with additional cash saving. Also, a decent independent villa with some of the amenities will be 3 times higher the cost compared to apartments. Especially if you going with a house loan, apartments give lesser burdens compared to Independent houses.

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