Which Are The Different Kinds Of Audiometry Tests Conducted?

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An audiometer is a mechanism consumed for assessing audible range perception. They typically contain an entrenched hardware component linked to a couple of earphones and an examination topic response key, occasionally measured by a normal computer. Such schemes can also be consumed with bone vibrators, to exam conductive audible range devices. Audiometers made by Audiometer Manufacturers are normal gear at ENT (ear, nose, throat) hospitals and in audiology cores. An alternate to hardware audiometers is software audiometers, which are obtainable in many dissimilar shapes. Showing PC-based audiometers usage a normal processer. Medical PC-based audiometers are usually more affluent than software audiometers but are abundant more precise and effectual. 

An audiometer characteristically conveys logged resonances such as untainted tenors or language to the earphones of the examination question at variable incidences and strengths, and annals the topic's replies to yield an audiogram of verge understanding or language indulgent outline. 


Pure-tenor audiometry

Pure-tenor audiometry is measured to be the gilded typical in the assessment of aural kindliness. The degree of hearing distance damage and the reason is fixed consuming Pure-tenor audiometry. It aids in determining out the perceptible choice borders at unrelated occurrences.

The choice of Pure-tenor audiometers found with Audiometer Suppliers differs from humble cheap plans to intricate and affluent analytic audiometers. In this examination, a pure tenor is offered to the auricle through an earpiece, and the lowermost strength at which the tenor is apparent 50% of the time is calculated in decibels (dB). This dimension is named as ‘threshold’. The yield is designed as a chart recognized as an audiogram. 

Dialog audiometry

The purpose of dialog audiometry is to evaluate the veracity of the complete aural system by assessing the audible range aptitude. Neural kind of earshot damage can be recognized with the assistance of dialog audiometry. Dialog audiometric examination is further branded into dialog insight examination and dialog response verge examination. Individually the examination's goal is to classify the lowermost decibel strength at which a patient can replicate 50% of the terms properly. While dialog discernment examination usages monosyllable examination lexes, dialog response verge examination uses two-syllable lexes with equivalent pressure (also denoted as “spondees”).

Supra threshold audiometry

Supra threshold is specified to the complaint where patients having different nuances of audible range damage in both auricles’ knowledge enhancement in apparent volume in rejoinder to minor surge in the strength. Supra threshold uncovering examinations are recognized as the supra verge audiometry. At a representative talkative language parallel, it aids observing whether the hearer can precisely identify the language or not. Aids to a patient due to the usage of an earshot aid can also be concluded by this examination.

Self-chronicling audiometry

Self-chronicling audiometry is also denoted as Bekesy audiometry. In this process, strength and incidence are mechanically altered with the assistance of a zip. The incidence can be altered in an onward or retrograde way. This earshot examination is done using a chronicling attenuator. At an immovable degree of so many decibels per second, the attenuator can whichever surge or cut the indication strength. The attenuator deed can be regulated by the hearer.

microchip audiometry

The primary viable microchip audiometer was presented in 1975. The archetypal microchip audiometer instrument covers a multifunctional keypad. Likened to the physical and self-recording audiometers, microchip audiometers available with Audiometer Dealers bid noteworthy compensations.

Independent audiometry

In this examination, the focusses are requested to rejoin when they catch the accessible hum. This audiometric examination can extant methodically variable audio incentives to the focus and log their replies.

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