WhatsApp Shopping and the much awaited shopping trend is here!

by Giani Joseph Nutritionist
Healthy shopping is highly important in this age where health is adulterated and taken for granted. However, this does not mean that healthy shopping needs to be compromised when it comes to ease and efficiency. Online Grocery shopping is the new age method for healthy shopping. Nowadays, things like whatsapp shopping have also come into picture. Let us show you how to go about healthy online grocery shopping like a pro.  

1. Purchase organic produce only if possible.
Remember that health is wealth and organic produce is indeed wealth for your body. Adulterated food can cause long term damage. For example, Pesticides seep into your diet due to chemical agriculture. Wash the produce no matter what prior to eating it. 

2. Keep away from GMOs.
Good news is that if you follow Rule no. 1 above, this one is covered. Certified organic products do not contain GMOs. Genetically modified crops such as corn and soy are modified in order to bear intensive pesticide application. Purchasing food that is drenched in chemicals to do so can be harmful. However, let us make it clear that there is no direct scientific evidence stating that GMOs are harmful for humans. But why risk it?

3. Grass-fed and organic meat.
Grass fed and organic meat are devoid of growth hormones and antibiotics that are rich in antioxidants as well as Omega-3s. This beneficial nutrition such as Omega-3s and CLA are lost in animals that are fed grain. Grass fed meat are sustainable and healthy.

4. Let Dairy be grass-fed and organic.
These principles apply whether you are shopping through whatsapp or any online medium for choosing yogurt, cheese, and butter. Grass-fed organic dairy is better for all the similar reasons. 

5. Shop for Chicken that is organic.
Natural is the word. Organic ensures the birds consume only organic feed and are not given any antibiotics. This is very necessary to stay healthy.

6. Eggs ought to be organic
If you are purchasing eggs from a grocery store, make sure you check both USDA Organic and the Animal Welfare Approved seals as well. 

7. Purchase fish from a source you trust.
A trusted source is a local fishmonger or a store that is famous for Organic food that ensures good fish quality in terms of health. Great resource is the key.

8. Buy cold-pressed extra-virgin olive oil and cold-pressed virgin coconut oil.

This is a tip while grocery shopping, make sure you skip all the other oils and choose only this for cooking. Extra-virgin olive oil is the best as compared to coconut. Ensure that they’re cold-pressed and also ideally organic.

Now that you have these tips, use it as a guide to healthy online grocery shopping and enjoy. Stay fit, stay healthy and prosper. 

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