Myth buster- Everything you thought was healthy but wasn’t

by Giani Joseph Nutritionist

A big part of changing your diet and healthy eating is your weekly or monthly grocery shopping. We buy what we eat so, when we shop for unhealthy, processed and junk food, we eat the same. Online grocery shopping can help you reduce the amount of unhealthy food your buy every month. It helps you filter your requirements and see only what you need to see.

Shopping healthy and diet friendly is not a very difficult task and is something that can be easily done when you do grocery shopping online. But there are some major myths that we believe in when it comes to health food. Let us bust some of them and make your life easier.

1.       Frozen means processed: It is believed that frozen foods like meats, veggies and fruits are unhealthy because they are packaged and frozen in factories. This is not true at all. Most frozen foods are merely cleaned and frozen after being delivered from the farms. Ensure that you check the ingredients before you buy any of these foods. When your grocery shopping online makes sure that you buy these only when you’re sure that will be delivered within a short period of time.

2.       Organic means healthy: Just adding the word organic to a product doesn’t make the product healthy. Brands often use the term organic by slightly altering their ingredients. It’s very important to know what goes into your food, especially when you’re trying to be healthy. Online grocery shopping helps you filter out only specific food and brands that you can trust and know are good for you.

3.       Eliminating food groups from your diet: A common myth when it comes to food is that if you eat fats then you get fat. This is not true. Fats are a crucial part of your diet and one needs them to have a balanced and healthy diet.  When you shop for food you need to include all categories of food in your shopping, that is carbohydrates, proteins, fats and vitamins.

4.  Snacking is bad for you: Snacking is in fact good for you; but only when you eat healthy snacks, like fruits, juices, smoothies, nuts and dry fruits. You can swap your cookies, chips and chocolates for healthy foods like dry fruits that are more nutritious and equally filling. Online grocery shopping also gives you the option of buy healthy snacks like ragi or wheat chivda, baked chips and much more. 

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