What will be the installation cost of a solar panel?

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Do you have any idea how much you need to pay for solar panel installation?

The cost of the solar panel installation depends on the size and the type of solar panel. A single solar panel costs 350 to 500 euros. There is a domestic size which is a very common 4kW solar panel system, its costs around 6000 euro. And it will be able to cover around 29 square meters of your roof. 

Due to advancements in solar energy, the cost of a solar panel reduces drastically. You can check the following chart to know the average prices of solar panels. Installers require roof space and they want to know the average saving on your electricity bills and the total savings you can expect after 20 years.

The more electricity you will consume, the more you have to pay the cost. But for, in the long run, you will be able to sae higher. For example, if you will install 3kW, it will be cheaper during installation but you will not be able to as much as the power you will earn from the 6KW system for 25 years.

Always remember, the cost of the solar panel is not low, but it also has different types of advantages that make this deal worthy for you. If you wish, you can also able to install a solar battery so that you will be able to store the solar battery and use that electricity after sundown.

How much money you will be able to save with solar panels?

Once you will start using the solar panel, you will be able to save your electricity bill. When your solar panels uk are active and you are using electricity, during this time, it is completely free.  It helps to save annually 160 to 430 euros. But it may vary from house to house.

There are some factors which you have to consider and then calculate how much you will be able to sae.

·        First, your regular household electricity bill

·        When your panels are active, if you will use appliances during that time

·        whether your solar panel is efficient or not

·        You're funding scheme if you will generate income from the solar panel.

There are some electrical appliances like AC, washing machine and dishwasher, etc. if you want to save your money, then you can use those during day time when panels are active. In this way, you will be able to save some money easily on your energy bill. If your solar panels are much efficient then you will be able to save some money easily. The more your system will be efficient the more you will get a chance to save some money.

With SEG payments, reduce the solar panel costs

In the UK, you can use Solar Panel Grants and able to reduce solar panel cost every time, like smart Export Guarantee. Using SEG, you will be able to earn money by exporting surplus solar power that your solar panel will generate for you. If you have installed a 3kW system, then you will be able to earn yearly 75 euro through the SEG. If you have a 4kW system, then you will be able to earn annually 100 euros. 

And once you implement 5kW, you will be able to earn 120 euros. Before SEG introduced in the UK market, Feed-in Traffic was the main source of solar panel grants. If you are already enlisted with the FIT, then you will be able to receive money. But this FIT ended his journey in 2019, and no appliances will be accepted.

When do I need to pay for solar panels again?

As per the size of your solar panel and the export capability, your solar panel maybe needs to pay off after 15 to 25 years. The larger the solar panel you will be installed, the more you have to pay. But it also helps to generate more electricity and in the long run, it helps to save more money.

If you will install a 5kW solar panel system, it will be able to break after 15-20 years but if you will install 3kW, then you have to break after 21-25 years.  You have to maintain your solar panels properly and it helps to generate proper solar powers.

Is it worth to install solar panels?

During the first installation, you may have to pay a large amount of money and you may feel it’s costly. But this is for onetime and after that, if you think about the long term its money-saving process. You will get a chance to earn free electricity using solar panels. This helps to reduce your electricity bill.

If you want to save some money, then you have to sign up for an organization like SEG and it will also offer extra energy panels produce. The solar panel installations process of solar panels may seem a little costly but it helps to save in the future. It will help to reduce electricity cost and it will also reduce the carbon footprint.

So, if you want to invest in solar energy, then fill the online form and submit. We will send you 4 updated quotes from the supplier immediately. You don’t need to pay any single amount for this purpose.  we offer a completely free service.

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