What to Know about Women’s Health: 5 Essential Vitamins for Women

by James Denlinger Digital Marketing Strategist
    Important vitamins for women

We all know that getting enough nutrients is imperative for anyone to maintain optimum health, but did you know that there are vitamins for women that may perform differently than they do for men? Vitamins and minerals perform specific actions in the body and are an important component of your diet and overall health regimen. Women’s health is no different. Getting these essential nutrients can help ensure that you stay healthy.

What are Some Essential Vitamins for Women?

Vitamins for women

Folate / Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)Folic acid is important for making red blood cells and repairing DNA and RNA. According to research, it’s also one of many important vitamins for women who are pregnant or plan on conceiving. The vitamin may help protect unborn infants from neural tube defects, which damage the brain and spinal cord and can lead to disabilities.

Vitamin B12Vitamin B12 is a very important part of several different bodily processes including nerve function, producing DNA, making red blood cells and providing energy. But the body doesn’t make it on its own, so for the most part we have to get it from food. But some people may need supplementation—such as vegetarians, those over 50 and pregnant women for fetal development.

Vitamin D—The body synthesizes vitamin D in response to sun exposure. The vitamin may play a role in bone health and immune function. Research also focuses on its importance for women specifically, who may have an increased risk for deficiency because the body may lose calcium during pregnancy and with age.

CalciumCalcium is a mineral that potentially plays a major role in bone strength, blood clotting and nerve and muscle function. It’s especially important during the teenage years when the bones are growing and developing. Deficiency can increase the risk for osteoporosis, a disorder that makes the bones very fragile and increases the risk for breaks.

Iron—Iron is important because it helps the body produce new red blood cells that carry oxygen throughout the rest of the body. Iron supplements may help prevent anemia, a deficiency in iron and red blood cells. Supplemental iron may be necessary during pregnancy to ensure efficient blood flow to the developing child and it may also benefit menstruation because the body loses iron during the monthly period, especially with very heavy bleeding.

Where to Buy Supplements & Vitamins for Women

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