What Must A New Vaper Know About Saltnic Juices?

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Vaping industry is continuously evolving since its inception. Each week, new devices flood the market, e-juices and coil styles. Each is demanding to be an improved version than the existing one. Nic salts or saltnic is there in the market for some time, but every time it is coming with a higher nicotine version.

50mg salt nic juice has now become the talk of the town because of its strong nicotine presence. But what are saltnic juices? Why is it gaining the buzz? The current post discusses some major points related to Nic salts or saltnic juices.

What is nicotine salt or salt nic?

Nic salt or salt nic juices are referred to the natural compounds that one finds in tobacco plants. The tobacco in the saltnic juices is the non-purified form of the chemical derived from the tobacco plants. It often contains some organic materials in it. The general e-liquids have higher PH level freebase nicotine but it goes through a purification process that removes the impurities.

Freebase juices vs Saltnic

Frankly, there is no competition between these two products. It completely depends on the users based on their preferences. Smokers who recently transformed in vapers often complained about nicotine satisfaction with freebase juices. For them, 50mg salt nic juice is the best option as it gives the same feel such as of smoking a cigarette. Whereas, professional vapers doing vape tricks will go for freebase juice as thick juice allows to create a dense and thick cloud. Thus, both the usage is different and mostly the customers also.

Safety of nicotine salts

Often the vapers have the question in their mind regarding the safety of the use of nicotine salts. However, the primary difference between the nicsalt and standard liquid is the inclusion of benzoic acid. Thus, it is no less or safer compared to the standard e-juices. However, according to WHO safety instruction, not more than 5mg per kg body weight per day is permissible. Thus, a person with a minimum of 70kg can vape 350mg per day, which is an impossible amount to vape for a single person per day.

Do salt nic juices more addictive?

Few argue that because of some raw materials, these are more addictive. However, it is not the truth. It is addictive because of the highly concentrated nicotine in it. In a short period, a higher amount of nicotine gets mixed with the blood. It triggers fast neurochemical reactions, which makes it addictive.

Do nic salts need separate devices?

The answer is yes. This high concentrated nicotine comes with the high PG liquids, which is not suitable for the mod devices. The organic for tobacco needs lower wattage devices. Generally, saltnic juices come with disposables, pod systems, all-in-ones, and cig-a-likes. Most of the devices are offering 50mg salt nic juice to give the same vibe of smoking a cigarette. 

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