What is the Relay Control System of Diesel Generator Set

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The relay control system is composed of diesel generator, AC brushless synchronous generator and control panel. Its main control objects are diesel engine and control panel in automatic diesel generator set. As a diesel generating set providing electric energy, it is required to work automatically to meet the requirements of modern communication and network development.

With the development of computer technology, diesel generator automation technology is more and more mature. The professional controller adopts microprocessor technology and replaces the logic circuit composed of relay control and discrete electronic components with various integrated circuits until it develops into an automation system with special controller as the core. Generally speaking, its performance features are low cost and high performance. In practical application, each has its own merits.

The automatic diesel generator set is mainly composed of commercial power monitoring, oil electromechanical monitoring, self starting controller, display alarm device, commercial power switching circuit and oil electromechanical switching circuit. Relay logic control is used in power supply monitoring, oil electromechanical monitoring, switching circuit and self starting controller.

(1) Automatic starting and power supply.

What is the Relay Control System of Diesel Generator Set

When the utility power is interrupted, the utility switching circuit immediately cuts off the utility power supply circuit. At the same time, the utility monitoring circuit makes the starting motor run through the self starting controller, so as to start the diesel generator set.When the oil pressure rises to the specified value, the oil pressure sensor is connected to the control circuit of the electromagnetic valve of the lubricating oil circuit. The electromagnetic valve opens the oil circuit of the speed-up oil cylinder, and the pressure lubricating oil of the diesel generator pushes the piston of the oil cylinder to drive the throttle handle to move towards the speed-up direction, The diesel generator works at rated speed.At this time, under the action of the automatic voltage regulator, the generator outputs the rated voltage. Then, the switching circuit of the diesel generator is connected, and the diesel generator starts to supply power to the load.

(2) Automatic shutdown after power recovery.

After the city power is restored, under the action of city power monitoring circuit, the power supply circuit of generating set is cut off first, then the city power switching circuit is put into operation, and the load is supplied by city power. At the same time, the self starting controller makes the stop electromagnet act to control the throttle of the diesel generator. The diesel generator first runs at low speed, and then stops automatically.

(3) Fault shutdown and alarm.

During the operation of the unit, when the outlet water temperature of the cooling water reaches 95 ℃± 2 ℃, the temperature controller sends out the sound and light alarm signal through the system controller and cuts off the load. At the same time, the stop electromagnet acts and the diesel generator unit stops running.

During the operation of the diesel generator set, when the oil pressure of the lubricating oil is lower than the specified value, the contact of the low oil pressure alarm sensor is closed, the controller sends out the sound and light alarm signal through the display alarm device, cuts off the oil electromechanical switching circuit at the same time, and then stops the operation of the electromagnet, and the diesel generator set stops automatically.When the speed of the unit exceeds the rated speed, the high frequency relay in the oil electromechanical monitoring circuit will act, and the diesel generator set will stop automatically.

Relay control system is one of the more important equipment in power system or power equipment, which plays a preventive role in the good operation of power equipment and can improve the safety factor of power equipment.If you need more details, please contact us by email

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