What Is the Difference Between Residential and Corporate Interior Design in Singapore?

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Designing interiors is an art form. It involves changing a place into something that represents both the designer's vision and the residents' demands. Interior design must also consider a variety of other issues, including budget, stylistic preferences, utility, and more. When creating a home or commercial space in Singapore, a number of important distinctions must be taken into account. This article will examine the differences between residential interior design and corporate interior design Singapore so that you can make an educated choice when choosing your designer.

What is the definition of residential interior design?

  1. The goal of domestic interior design is to create a pleasant and unique living space. The designer will collaborate with you to determine your individual demands and develop innovative solutions that represent your preferences and way of life.

  2. In corporate interior design, great emphasis is placed on establishing an efficient and professional work atmosphere. The designer must consider the company's brand identification and corporate culture, as well as the space's practical needs.

What is business interior design?

  1. Corporate interior design is focused on giving firms a clean and professional appearance. As it must represent the company's brand and image, this style of design is often more formal and conventional than home interior design. To create this aesthetic, corporate interior designers often choose more subdued hues and traditional furniture types.

  2. Corporate interior design demands a different strategy than residential interior design. The designer must consider the company's culture and values and develop an environment that represents them. Additionally, they must be knowledgeable of the most recent trends in office design, since many companies want their workplace to look trendy and contemporary. Ergonomics knowledge is essential for corporate designers, since they must create an environment that is both pleasant and useful for workers.

Differences in Singapore Between Residential and Corporate Interior Design

There are two primary categories of interior design in Singapore: residential and corporate. Residential interior design is concerned with providing a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere in a house, while corporate interior design is concerned with establishing an efficient and professional work environment. Here are some of the primary distinctions between contemporary and traditional interior design:

Residential Interior Design:

  • The emphasis is on creating an environment that feels like home and is warm and welcoming.

  • Typically, the overall look is more personal and casual.

  • Typically, furniture and décor are more pleasant and fashionable than absolutely utilitarian.

  • There is more freedom regarding layout and design.

  • In residential interior design, budget is often less of a concern than in business interior design.

Design of Corporate Interiors:

  • Creating an effective environment that increases productivity and eliminates distractions is the priority.

  • Typically, the appearance is more formal and professional.

  • Typically, furniture and décor are more utilitarian than fashionable.

  • The layout and design must be meticulously designed to promote productivity and minimise clutter.

  • Because the furniture and décor will most likely be used for many years, the budget is often more important in commercial interior design than in residential interior design.

Is there a distinction between residential and commercial interior design firms?

  1. Typically, a commercial interior design company will have a team of designers specialising in the creation of company interiors. This may comprise office buildings, retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, and other types of structures. Typically, a residential interior design firm collaborates with clients to design and decorate their residences. This might range from selecting paint colours and furnishings to completely redesigning a property.

  2. In addition to offering services such as space planning, furniture selection, colour selection, and lighting design, both residential and commercial interior design firms may also provide additional services such as space planning, furniture selection, colour selection, and lighting design. Nevertheless, the sorts of projects in which each firm specialises will differ based on the organization's particular skill set.

  3. In addition, some interior design firms may provide both residential and business services. To suit the demands of both customers, the company's workforce will likely be well-versed in both forms of interior design.


In conclusion, residential and corporate interior design in Singapore may differ significantly based on the client's demands. While there are certain parallels between the two kinds of designs, such as the incorporation of style and modernism into the space, it is essential to also evaluate the distinctions. In general, residential interior design prioritizes comfort, while corporate interiors emphasize utility and the creation of environments that facilitate cooperation and productivity. Ultimately, a great interior designer must be aware of both of these factors while designing any sort of project in order to provide their clients with an effective outcome.

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