What Is Raw Water, and Should You Drink It?

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Raw water is water that has not been treated or filtered. It is water that has been sourced from springs and filled into bottles directly for sales. It is a huge fad among certain sections across the world, especially in the Western world, to drink raw water because it doesn’t contain chemicals or additives but most health experts don’t approve of it. The reason is simple — the source of raw water may not be consistently safe to drink although some of it could be. It is best to buy water purifiers and ensure that the water you are drinking is safe. The best water purifiers don’t remove necessary nutrients or minerals from water as it is feared by many. So, you can have water that is not treated with chemicals and at the same time safe and rich in natural minerals.

    Although raw water is a huge trend these days and the rationale is that it is chemical-free, it can contain other harmful biological contaminants. Untreated water could contain bacteria such as salmonella typhi which can cause typhoid. It can also contain other harmful bacteria that lead to cholera and diarrhoea.

    Though natural springs have clean water, there’s no guarantee that the bottled water manufacturer is not using water from other sources. Then, there’s the question of pollution even in such naturally occurring springs because the whole region may have runoff from agriculture or other chemicals in the soil from a long time ago.

   Raw and untreated water, even though from a natural spring as advertised, can contain pollutants like lead, arsenic or even fertilisers which are harmful for you.

 Trust your purifier

 It is safer to get home a purifier, either a reverse osmosis one or an ultraviolet one, depending on the source of your drinking water. If you get water supply from a water body such as a lake then you would do well to get a UV purifier which can eliminate harmful micro-organisms such as bacteria and viruses. If you get water from a bore well, you would do well to get home an RO purifier. Bore well water can contain salts, and the process of reverse osmosis can remove any unwanted salts in the water. If the water in your area is hard and has a high level of TDS or total dissolved solids, it is best to get an RO purifier. If you are worried that a purifier removes even the necessary nutrients, banish those thoughts. Modern-day filters come with a range of cartridges that retain all the necessary minerals. In fact, they also enhance the taste of drinking water. There’s no reason why you should be risking your health by opting for raw water when you could easily get the same benefits from purified and filtered water.

 So, forget the fad and focus on your health. Get home a purifier and make sure you drink filtered and purified water — the first and most important step to a healthy and long life. 

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