Seven Myths Uncovered About The International Roaming SIM Cards

by Roam1 Telecom Limited Roaming Redifined

A travel plan is coming up, and you are wondering if you should get yourself an international sim card. However, you are unsure about which one’s the best international roaming sim card. There are some myths revolving around these sim cards, and you could get confused. Here are seven myths uncovered about international sim cards:

Myth 1: You can always buy a sim card once you land in a destination

Reality: It helps to stay prepared and have the international sim card ready and in your phone. Getting a sim card once you land means you are wasting time and effort you could have spent on relaxing and sightseeing/meeting business associates. Also, being unprepared is the best way to get fooled — you don’t know what the best deals are. You are also keeping family members and others in the dark till you get a sim card.

Myth 2: Getting the best international roaming sim card is expensive

Reality: Nothing could be further from the truth; if you want to buy the best international roaming sim card online from India, you have plenty of plans that are extremely affordable. In fact, getting a local sim once you land may burn a hole in your pocket.

Myth 3: Getting an international sim card before you leave for a destination is difficult

Reality: It is extremely easy to get yourself an international sim card. All you have to do is go online, look up the plans, make a payment and get one home-delivered! Yeah, that easy.

Myth 4: International sims are not available for every country

Reality: You can get an international sim for any country, from Europe to the US, Middle-East, South-East Asia etc! Look up a reputed sim card service provider online and see the options.

Myth 5: Why worry about data plans while travelling abroad when there’s WiFi?

Reality: A lot has been said about cool cafes abroad where travellers can use free WiFi. But free WiFi networks are unreliable and patchy, and may not work when you have to send out an important/urgent mail to your business associates. Also, free WiFi is not necessarily secure. Get yourself the best international roaming sim card and enjoy uninterrupted data.

Myth 6: Prepaid sim cards come with hidden charges

Reality: If you choose a reliable and reputed international sim service provider, you will realise that there are no hidden charges, and what you get is what you pay for.

Myth 7: Once you get a sim card, you won’t have any assistance/customer support