What is car interior upholstery protection?

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Car interior upholstery protection is a specific product that is sprayed or spread over your car seats and the rest of your upholstery. It provides an invisible obstruction between your car’s interior and anything you might accidentally spillover or rub onto it. However, the best car interior treatment in India is provided by Permagard. 

Permagard focuses its services on those who want the best for their car, boat, or aircraft. Their high-grade aviation coatings are the most advanced, globally. They are certified as well. It provides a value-enhancing fix to any vehicle irrespective of it being brand new or already used. Its advanced technology has been trusted for protecting some of the world’s most expensive painted surfaces. 

Permagard lives up to the requirements of the users since the company understand the significance of protecting the inner and outer of your vehicle against pollutants. Now, they have expertise in developing a patented solution that can coat superyachts, commercial planes, and cars. 


Is it worth having?

It is wise to consider having upholstery protection applied to your car if it has light interiors. White leather seats especially, are tough to keep clean. If you have small children or who frequently travel in the car or if you carry fast food in your vehicle often, getting upholstery protection done is advisable. 

This kind of protection can help in stopping any marks from being prominent in your seats. If your car is leased or is taken on a Personal Contract Purchase purpose deal, you will be assessed for any damage caused when you hand it back at the termination of your term. Upholstery protection can alleviate the risk of being charged for costly interior cleaning or replacement.

Are you interested in buying interior protection for your car?

If you’re interested in getting interior upholstery protection to ask your dealer for a quote, you can also buy it from third parties. However, the best option to go for is Permagard. 

Permagard’s patented technology makes a high-gloss protective shield that incessantly works to repel airborne contaminants. The aftereffect of these contaminants, such as bird droppings, acid rain, and road grime, requires extensive repairs involving paint resprays or touch-ups.

The formula of Permagard is created using biodegradable and environmentally safe elements that always keep your vehicle’s surface stain and dirt-free . Permagard ensures that your car maintains this finish all the time, including the time in between washes. It only requires a quick wipe down with a damp cloth to upgrade its iridescent glaze.

Interior protection

Using Permagard’s special upholstery protection, your vehicle's interior is safeguarded from UV rays, spills, and any external damage, including anything outside passengers, might throw at it. 

Its scientifically backed Copolymer Technology makes sure that all fabric and leather components in the car are shielded against water-based spills while also defending discolouration caused by the sun's rays. 

The hyper-protective invisible guard forces liquids to bead up on the surface of seats without getting absorbed and staining it, making the process of cleaning simple and easy to wipe. 

Vinyl and plastic surfaces remain shinier and glossier with Permagard’s best car interior protection in India, an invisible coating protecting the interiors from unappealing scuff marks and prevents it from fading. With exclusive chemical bonded defence provided by Permagard, your car’s interior will appear newer, shine brighter, and smell fresher.

Permagard repels the following:

  • Acid rain

  • Salt 

  • Alkali pollution

  • Bird droppings

  • Tree sap

  • Insect etching

  • Hard water deposits

  • Road grime

  • Pollution fallout

  • Liquid and water-based stains

  • UV-ray damage

  • Scuff marks

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