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The paintwork of your vehicle begins to corrode or fade because of dust, pollutants, UV rays, or alien contaminants. Your vehicle's exterior is always exposed to contaminants, be it while driving or when it's parked. This increases the scope of depleting the quality of your car paint and thus ageing your car faster. 

Hence it is always advisable to use paint protection to protect your car from dust and pollutants and keep your car paint safe. It is advisable to apply a coat of paint protections in every six months for better results. Applying paint protection have multiple benefits like it increases car's fuel efficiency due to less drag; it also makes it easy for a person to wash and dry the car.

 There are multiple types of paint protection available in the market at this point. This article will give you an idea about available paint protection, and you can choose according to your requirements. 

Below we have explained different type of paint protection:

Wax: Wax gives a warm shine to your car, which will last for around three months. The durability of this car protection largely depends on weather conditions and how well the vehicle is being treated. It is advisable not to use detergent over this wax as it can be broken down by detergents. This is not immune to scratches or rock chips and provides minimal protection against chemicals.

Sealants: Sealant provides a protective layer that sticks to your car surface, hence protecting it. It is a synthetic polymer which protects your car from dust and alien contaminants. Though sealants hardly hold any resistance against detergents and chemicals, and they last only for a few months.  

Ceramic coatings: These are a thin layer of man-made material called nano – coatings. These coatings are stronger as compared to wax or sealants because of its chemical bond with car paints. They come with high durability. 

They have high resistance against UV rays, scratches, chemicals and are hydrophobic. This coating can be removed only by using abrasion over them. Ceramic coatings biggest is that, it is not environment-friendly and which is of utmost importance in today's time. 

Reactive polymer coating- Reactive polymer coating is patented by Permagard, leading automotive protection company across many countries. It is the best car protection product available in the market period.

The coating is environmentally friendly and more durable than other ceramic coating and wax. It protects your vehicle from all kind of pollutants and UV rays. Permagard has developed this coating after precision and 20 years of experience and hard work, which makes it the technological miracle. 

The best luxury car paint protection in India that provides the best quality of paint protection for your vehicle is Permagard. Permagard delivers superior exterior protective coatings designed to meet high standards of your aerospace, marine and automobiles. Permagard glossy-wet look effect will ensure ease of maintenance, stunning looks and long lifespan of the coated area. The reactive polymer protection and antimicrobial shield of Permagard are the best car care protection in India. These products create a high-gloss protective barrier over your car paint which protects your car from UV radiations, air-borne pollutants, alien contaminants, bacterial threats, and scratches. 

Car paint protection makes sure that your car looks as good as the first day of ownership for a very long period. Permagard products will protect your car from bird droppings and alien contaminants. 

To protect your car and keep that ever-green look by using the best solution for car paint protection. 

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