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You’re probably familiar with the process of change of address. Every time you shift, you’re asked to notify the post office about your new address and also need to make it mention in your government documents. You know that in every formal and legal formality you have to attach your government ids and if the address is wrong, then the procedure may be delayed and might be several actions can be taken against you. This ensures that all the mails and other important documents are routed properly to your door and don’t miss accidently anytime. Now the question rises that suppose you serve as an government employ, and you’re asked to transfer after every 6 months then, is it your duty to every time change your address in all the government documents; isn’t it become irritating and hectic; like you don’t have any other job to do except this?

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Well this is not a compulsion- says Packers And Movers Dalaj Pune and when you are a government employ then transferring can be done anytime, instead of changing the address you can mention your fix address, like you can add the address of your parents home; which is imagined to be fixed if it’s not rented, and suppose if it is- no worries because rented houses are signed with a fixed amount of duration, so I guess there wont be such issue regarding this. I hope the problem is solved.

What is Address Fraud?
Address fraud is a form of identity theft where an individual change the address to reroute your mail to a different address. And once the mail is diverted, they can open and get some additional information about you, like your credit card details, other bank details and etc.

To do this, all the person has to know is your name and obviously your current address. Then using a process of changing the address at the post-office, they can change your address without your presence, since this scam is only with the mail form however it requires a verification fee from your bank account.

Moving and packing is tough, we agree but when we at Packers and Movers Pune is there to help you out on every stage of move then no worry and fraud can ever touch you during this movement. However we take the responsibility of everything happen during the move and therefore, we make you remind after every certain time-period to make sure that you accomplish those basic and important tasks which are crucial and can only be done by you.

Why Address Fraud is such a big deal?
In terms of crime, address fraud seems to be invisible for us because it’s being a smallest crime story which is always hidden by huge crimes. But still we cannot ignore it; address fraud is one the easiest crimes for criminals and hackers to pull off. With just your current address details and a forged signature, a thief can redirect your mail anywhere they want it go- as movers and packers in Pune has already shared with you. The main concern with address fraud is the thief can potentially opens up the information which you don’t share with others. Things like, credit card statements, loan status, Medicare statements and etc. can work really well for them to fetch the information about your life. Being alert and being protective and responsible to every legal work whether small or big can save your life form such crimes- #Local #Packers and #Movers #Pune advice you to let the moving and packing stress fall on your shoulders and stay in queue to complete all the formal and legal documentation changes require when shifting to a new city or new country. Informing to all responsible places such as bank, post-office, your office is your duty and we make you free to do this with enough time; when your Movers and Packers in Pune is serving you the hassle free and #Best #Moving services in #Pune.

Signs of Address Fraud
You receive a move validation letter - Don’t just messed with the actual move with packers and movers Pune and move validation letter from post-office. Do not ignore this, if you get one and when you haven’t requested for changing the address, seems to create a big story in your life. Call or visit your post-office and verify this immediately whether it was done mistaken or seriously, the doubts will be clear.
You stop receiving mails - However in this digital world everyone chooses the way to either send you a mail(Gmail) or either make you alert with call. But still there’re many organizations who believe to send a physical document copy to the client in order to verify the address and also to offer the document in their hands. Like your phone bills, credit card statements, mutual funds or even your insurance documents every single paper is mailed you. So if you’re waiting for such envelopes, but didn’t received yet the date has been passed out; and while verifying they officer said it has been sent to you and also received by you- speaks like a fraud; actually it’s a fraud only then. So for such cases Packers And Movers Javalarjun Pune suggest you to be alert in such happen with you.
Avoiding Address Fraud
  • Go paperless with the important stuff - Request that all your credit card statements, bank statements, health related documents and anything else which may contain sensitive informative including your personal and bank account details should be directly email you- no physical mails, says Packers And Movers Dhankawadi Pune. Now-a-days paperless billing has become a common practices so you won’t find any difficulties to make switch.
  • Be wary about who you give your information to - You can’t completely shield other people from knowing your current home address and other basic information about you; but instead you can take some steps to protect it. Just an example: #Packers and #Movers #Pune wants to tell you that don’t leave your mails and other sensitive documentations out in public, whether its your tea table or your couch, make it securely put inside your wardrobe with locked doors. And before you put anything to garbage box, whether its an old document or new copy; if it contains any sensitive information regarding you or even your photograph or contact no., run it through the shredder first.

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