What does system in sports betting mean? Rules of betting by system

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There are several types of sports betting. Most players, both beginners and experienced, limit themselves to single bets. Betting on a particular outcome implies that the player has studied from and to all available data, estimated all variants of events and selected the most likely result. The disadvantage of single bets is that it is almost impossible to get more profit with a single bet. It is of course possible to bet that the North Korean national soccer team will be the world champion, but the probability of that tends to zero.

Express is several bets combined into one. Parlay odds are higher. The problem is that most of the expresses lose because the player misjudged the probabilities of one or two outcomes.

The System strategy allows you to make express bets with a safety net. If a player has predicted one or two outcomes incorrectly, he still has a chance to profit on all other bets.


What is a System and how it Works

A system is a bet consisting of multiple expresses. A Classic Parlay is several events predicted by the player and combined in one bet. For a Parlay to win, all bets included in it need to win. System is a selection of parlays of smaller size, which can be selected from the same number of events as the classic parlay. Events can be any - outcomes, totals, handicaps.


Each system has dimensionality, which is the main characteristic and feature of this type of betting. Dimensionality is displayed as "X of Y", where:


Y - the number of events that the player has chosen;

X - the number of outcomes in each express system.

The dimensionality of the system is determined by the player himself. For example. 2/3 (two out of three) or 3/5 (three out of five). In the first case of three selected events, expresses of two events in each are formed. In the second case, five events are forming expresses of three events each. For each express, the odds are formed as a product of the single bets included in it. The total amount of bets placed on the system is evenly distributed between all the expresses included in it.


An example of a system

Composing a "three out of four" system.

The player bets four thousand rubles on four outcomes for KHL and NHL games:

SKA - Admiral, P1 at odds 1.70 CSKA - Lada, P1, 1.56 Washington Capitals - Tampa Bay Lightning, P1, 1.70 Pittsburgh Penguins - Colorado Avalanche, P1, 1.50.

As we can see from the table, losing any of the four bets at high odds does not mean losing the whole express. At low odds some part of the bet will be lost.

The system allows to minimize the risk, to insure in case of one or two unsuccessful bets. It makes no sense to use odds lower than 1.40 to make a profit. Optimal quotes are in the range 1.70-2.50. Higher odds do not make sense either: the higher the odds are, the lower the probability of the outcome and the higher the risk of losing the entire bet.


Limitations when making a system

Not all bookmaker's offices like have the possibility to make bets of the "system" type. In this case, the conditions of bookmakers who offer this type of betting may differ. There are restrictions on the amount of bets and the maximum winnings. As for dimensionality, there can be no more than 20 events in a coupon. Thus, the largest allowed dimensionality is "19 out of 20".


Tips for betting with the system

Use the system calculator to calculate the possible winnings. You can see all the combinations and know how much you can win if you lose certain events.

It is not recommended to include more than 10 outcomes in the system, the maximum is 13.

If the odds are small, it is advisable to choose a large dimension, for example, "7 out of 9", "10 out of 11".

For high odds, it is better to make small systems, for example, "3 out of 5", "4 out of 6".

I advise to add to the system bets with the possibility of return: ITB (1.0), F (0), TB (2.0) and the like.

Apply game strategies for betting system, which can be found on the Internet.


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