What does South Indian Vegetarian Restaurant cuisine Contains?

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South Indian food, wherever we go, we will find South Indian Restaurant around the world. It has earned so much fame across the world. This meals have many local cuisines within the states Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra pradesh and Telangana which composes as South Indian restaurant Cuisines.

Each region holds up its own uniqueness and habits in their variety of dishes and some are authentic and popular. South Indian is also known for its spices. Many range of spices are used in these regions where the methods of cooking and food habits are different making it unique. Some ingredients are primary like mustard seeds, dal, coconut oil and curry leaves which makes South Indian dishes almost same with pure veg food and fresh

Some popular dishes are pongal, vada and sambar from TamilNadu, puttu and kadalai curry from Kerala, biryani from Andhra Pradesh and Rava Idli and Bisibele bath from Karnataka. These dishes are authentic and some like filter coffee and tea also makes very unique and popular. South Indian dishes though the regions there are some items chana dal, urad dal, tamarind, ginger, coconut fresh green chillies are extensively used in this cuisine. 

Now lets step down what are famous dishes are there according to region:

Tamil Nadu:

A Traditional South Indian meal is served on a banana leaf. This particular cuisine proposes and are categorised all the six tastes- sweet, sour, salt, bitter, astringent and pungent in meals, where it is complete nutrition. 


When some people think when it comes to South Indian pure vegetarian restaurant, its A2B in Tamil Nadu. But it is actually includes all region. Sambar is ultimate in this cuisine when it comes to veg. Without rice, sambar and curry there won’t be a day for many locals. What is popular and authentic in tamilnadu dishes. There are different accompaniments and categorized from snacks, light meals, regular meals desserts etc.

Light meals:

It is also called as tiffin. This is taken as a breakfast or dinner usually. This is not a heavy mid day lunch. These dishes are most famous all around the world. 

Dosa: a pan cake prepared with fermented rice and dal batter, served with sambar and chutney. There are various kinds of dosas available. 

Idli: steamed cake prepared with fermented rice and dal batter served with sambar and chutney. 

Upma: a thick porridge roasted suji or coarse rice flour mixed with different vegetables. 


Pongal: steamed rice and dal added with peppers and cumin seeds making it deliciously and an authentic dish of South India. 


Poori: unleavened deep fried wheat bread served with curry. 

In regular meals:

Curries and gravies

·                     Sadham in tamil is called rice which is staple and served with all dishes, traditionally. They include 

·                     Sambhar- stew prepared with tamarind and vegetables. 

·                     Kulambu- it’s a mild spicy dishes prepared with dal another species. 

·                     Rasam- it’s a soupy dish,a tamarind based prepared with tomato, cumin, peppers and can also with vegetables. 

·                     Thayir- tamil version of curd or yogurt. This is also taken along with rice. 

·                     In this each item, there are various numbers of variety dishes prepared according to the spices and vegetables.

There are some side dishes are also provided with main meals 

·                     Kootu- semi solid stew prepared with vegetable 

·                     poriyal - fried or sauteed vegetable 

·                     Pappadam- crispy appetizer 

·                     Pickles. 


This dishes are served at end of meal like payasam, kheer or kesari.

Bananas are offered to guests after the meal followed by a nicely folded betel leaves consist of nuts and lime, for digestion. Also everyone is aware of the fact that A2B is the Best Sweet shop in India which is wide spread over all important cities.

Mini meals

In Tamil tradition there is a meal comprise of variety of rice like tamarind rice, sambar rice, coconut rice, lemon rice, tomato rice, curd rice and sweet pongal.


Snacks items like vada, bhaji, and bonda are popular in this region and are served with different varieties of chutney

Andhra Pradesh

Most of exquisite cusinies of this region indicate the Mughalian style. Biryani, kebabs and kurmas are hot and spicy mouth watering Andhra delicacies. It is sure to satisfy the enthusiastic hunger. Traditional Andhra cuisine is the spiciest among the Indian cuisine. Chilli powder and tamarind are items that are liberally used for tangya and hot flavours. Jowar and bajra rotis are the staple dishes of Telangana region. Andhra costal region have unique flavour due to availability of seafoods.

The popular Andhra dishes include like upma, pesarattu, kooralu(curries), pappu(dal), pulusu means stew like sour curry with tamarind paste, different types of pickles.

Andhra is never complete with delicacies comes from the Mughal touch. Hyderabadi cuisines are the most spiciest cuisine of India that has gained fame all over the world. Hyderabadi biryani is made with basmati rice with selective spices. Gravey and brinjal curry are often served as side dish.

Karnataka Cuisine

This region offers a wide range of cuisine that are wonderful dishes such as masala dosa, idli, vada etc. this region dishes are less spicy compared to other region cuisines. South Karnataka use palm sugar and jaggery is their dishes but in North Karnataka it is spicy. Pure veg in South Indian are mostly prefered cuisine. Millet roti and rice are the staples of North Karnataka served with spiced vegetable salad, pickles and chutney. Coconut oils are integral part of coastal Karnataka. South Karnataka dishes are saaru, huli, gojju and uppinaki are among others. saaru(rasam), vegetables made with species and coconut ,curry leaves and mustard are taken with rice. 

Curd or yogurt are part of every meal taken with rice at the end. Spiced buttermilk in hot summers. Most famous Karnataka dish is BisiBele Bath means hot lentil rice. It’s traditional and authentic dish of Karnataka veg restaurants contains vegetables, dal tamarind and spices served with chips, boondi and chutney. Mysore pak is the most famous dessert here. Interestingly most desserts are not made with refined jaggery or dairy products.

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