What are the watch parts?

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What are the watch parts A complete watch is generally composed of a movement, a case, a strap, a dial, a back cover, and a hand and a handle! The following watch house will give you a detailed introduction!

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The movement is the most important part of the watch and the "heart" of the watch. The quality of the watch determines the quality of the watch. Choosing a high-quality movement is crucial to product quality. The automatic movement of the original Japanese Citizen machine has a product failure rate of only 5 ‰, and the daily error is ± 15 seconds: the domestic automatic mechanical movement has a product failure rate of 7 ‰ and a daily error of ± 30 seconds. The Citizen Quartz movement is currently the most commonly used movement by many watch manufacturers at home and abroad. The product failure rate is only 3 ‰, and the monthly error is ± 30 seconds. Citizen's movement, among the movements of many brands, it has won unanimous praise from the international and domestic markets for its moving characteristics and excellent accuracy. In recent years, the quality of fully automatic movements of domestic machinery has been continuously improved, and the quality is relatively stable.


At present, most of the domestic market watch cases use alloy case, copper case, steel case and tungsten steel case.

1. Alloy shell: Generally speaking, the processing technology is simple, the production cycle is short, the output is large, the price is low, and the development has been rapid in recent years. However, due to its insufficient water resistance, wear resistance, and corrosion resistance, it is rarely used in large-scale celebrations, and is generally used in promotions such as beer and beverages. It belongs to the middle and low-end watches.

2. Copper shell: The copper shell has the advantages of easy processing, beautiful appearance, good waterproof performance, surface wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Many manufacturers mostly adopt it. Its moderate price is also its advantage. It belongs to high-end and middle-end watches.

3. Steel case: Generally speaking, the processing is more complicated, the output is small, the price is higher, its performance is higher than that of the alloy case and copper case, and it is generally used for high-end electronic watches and mechanical or mechanical automatic watches. Belongs to high-end watches.

4. Tungsten steel shell: difficult to process, not easy to wear, and equipped with sapphire watch cover, Japanese movement, tungsten steel strap. This watch is generally a high-end electronic watch.


The choice of the strap should generally match the case, which kind of strap is chosen for the material case. One situation can be excluded, that is, the case of any material can be matched with the leather strap, and the effect is also ideal.

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Dial material is generally copper, aluminum, paper, etc. For a watch, the design of the dial is also very important. In our industry, the dial is called the "face", just as important as a person's face. The same watch case with dials of different patterns and materials can achieve different effects.

Back cover

The function of the back cover of the watch is to fix the movement, dustproof and waterproof. Mostly made of stainless steel. Text and patterns can be corroded on the back. There are generally three ways to assemble it with the case.

1. Press the cover: directly cooperate with the watch case (on time) (water resistance is poor).

2. Screw cap: The case and the back cover have ribs and screw (strong waterproof).

3. Rose bottom: The case and the back cover are fixed with a rose, which is generally seen in the square case (strong waterproof).

Hand and crown

The watch hand is an important part for displaying time. Generally, a watch should have three types: hour hand, minute hand, and second hand, with special exceptions. For example, ultra-thin watches generally only have hour and minute hands, and the second hand is optional according to the movement. The crown is an important part for adjusting the hour hand (time) and date (calendar), mostly manual. Generally, copper is used to add plating or stainless steel.

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