What are The Treatment Options Available for Breast Cancer?

by Nirmal Patel Digital Marketer

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), the death from worldwide cancer-related deaths is in a consistent rise. A predicted death toll of 12 million is prognosticated to be from cancer victims by 2030. Breast cancer is the most common disease that affects urban societies, where woman are known to develop breast cancer. Breast cancer has been a trending issue since the dawn of the 70’s and is till considered very risky to women of all ages. With the staggering growth of cancer cases in Indian hospitals, it has become a very crucial stage for advance hospitals like AIMS to have the latest in cancer treatment for women.

What are Types of cancers?

Operable Breast Cancer: This cancer is inhabited and confined to the breast or the lymph glands found in the armpit (axilla).

Local Advanced Breast Cancer: This invasive breast cancer is larger in dimension and has generally spread to several areas of the lymph nodes in the axilla (armpit). It can also be considered in case cancer has spread to surrounding areas of the muscle, ribs and even skin.

Metastatic Breast Cancer: This is the deadliest and the most forward breast cancer stage. Here the cancer cells have spread beyond the axillary lymph nodes and breast, to other body parts such as the lungs, bone, brain, and liver. They continue to grow and cause multiple organs to shut down.

Signs of breast cancer

  •  Lumps that are painless in the breast
  • Bloody or Flaking nipple discharge
  • Change in appearance ( retraction of the nipple, asymmetric redness and swelling)

Breast cancer treatment Options

  • Modified Radical Mastectomy (the entire breast is removed)
  • Breast Conservation Surgery ( removes part of the breast)
  • Complete Breast Reconstruction (after removal of breast, reconstruction through plastic surgery)
  • Oncoplastic breast conservation ( combination of plastic and cancer surgery)

All treatments in breast surgery require a blend of two or more treatments such as radiation therapy, chemotherapy, targeted therapy and hormone therapy. We at AIMS Hospitals are committed to diagnose and treat the entire spectrum of complications that adversely affect mammary glands. Facilitated by state of the art technology and on board professional medical staff. Consider us as a reliable and trustworthy cancer establishment. Book your appointment as soon as possible for a checkup with AIMS hospital.

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