Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

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Breast cancer has proven to be one of the most common cancer types among the women nowadays. It is important to know the symptoms to find them earlier and also ensure prevention from it. But sometimes it becomes inevitable. Women due to their nature of work or living style, get hold of this disease without their knowledge. The disease sometimes doesn’t manifest itself during early stages and give great deal of misery after becoming a tumour. Therefore, it becomes necessary to understand the different treatment options available for different stages of this cancer. Let us discuss them and go through it for a better understanding.

Treatment Options For Breast Cancer

Available Options For Breast Cancer Treatment

According to the centre for breast cancer orange county, treatment options for the disease can vary according to several factors, including the stage and type of the cancer. Some treatments kill or remove the cancer from the body's cells, including lymph nodes and nearby tissue. These treatments include:

Surgery: There are two types of surgery used to remove tumours in the breast: lumpectomy and mastectomy. Lumpectomy removes the tumour completely from the breast; mastectomy removes the tumour only from the breast area.

Radiation Therapy: This uses high-energy rays to target tumours in the body. The high energy of the radiation reduces the tumour’s ability to grow and replicates itself, as well as damaging any nearby healthy tissue. One common type of radiation therapy is radiotherapy that uses pellets, needles, or other devices to deliver the high-energy rays directly to cancerous areas. Another option is targeted therapy, which allows doctors to precisely target damaged lymph nodes or lymph glands; however, this option can be more painful and require multiple treatments, which sometimes have side effects unrelated to the cancer.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is often used after surgery or radiotherapy. It can be used to treat both cancers, although some cases call for only one treatment. This treatment option kills or stops cancerous cells by injecting medicines into the body at specific sites. Many women choose chemotherapy because it is highly effective, relatively easy to administer, and usually causes fewer side effects than radiation therapy or surgery. However, some women who have experienced chemotherapy have expressed concern about its effects on the breasts, which is why a small number of women are receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer even though the cancer is not present.

Although there are many different types of breast cancer treatment options, these are the most common. Asking your doctor important questions, getting a thorough explanation of your treatment options, and making sure to research your options thoroughly before making your decision will help you feel more confident about your treatment options and get the treatment you need.

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