What Are the Things You Look for When Buying Dog Food in NZ?

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No dog food got manufactured equally. With lots of information available, it becomes difficult for pet owners.

Indeed, it is hard to make confident decisions. We came up with a list of factors to consider when picking food for your furkid. Keep reading to learn how you can buy dog food online New Zealand.

Fat and protein are essential components.

Canines get most of their energy from fat and protein. Dog food should contain a minimum of 26% protein. Organic meat has 26% protein and dog food should contain that amount of protein. Healthy dog food should contain 26% or higher amounts of protein.

While fat is a low-priority element in the diet for humans, it is not the same for dogs. The fat level should lie somewhere between 30% to 60% for canines.

It is advisable to look into the guaranteed analysis of dog food. It is a normalized set of metrics that all dog food should follow. It is how one can start assessing the quality of healthy dog food New Zealand.

Balanced and complete isn't enough. It's better to dig deep into the ingredient list.

It is what dog owners believe. As the product is on-shelf and labeled balanced and complete, it's good for their pups. Practically, the minimum nutritional requirement to claim dog food is what your pup can strive on. It is not enough for your dog. Most dog kibbles comply with the AAFCO guideline and include 14% of protein. Go for a dog food that has at least 30% protein. Fat is healthy for puppies. Pet food should have a minimum of 14% fat. It's what your pup needs to survive.

Your dog has what you spend.

Dogs are not pure carnivores. Animal-based food ingredient is healthy for your canine. Besides, dog food containing protein and fat is pricey. The higher the fat and protein count, the more expensive healthy dog food New Zealand is. Good quality dog food is expensive. It's why when a brand manufacturing dog food needs to meet the market price, it cuts back on quality ingredients. It fills the kibble with a low-grade ingredient like soy and wheat. Note that a portion of high-grade pet food will cost you more. But, it has a positive impact on the wellbeing and health of your pup.

What about carbohydrates in dog food.

Just like fat, carbohydrate is good for your pup. A dog is like a scavenger, which means that it is not a pure carnivore. So, your pup can strive on a diet that's not entirely meat-based. Dogs have good energy from a high amount of carbs. Be wary of multiple filler ingredients in dog food. It has a different name though -like whole grain, cornmeal, and gluten. The best grain free puppy food NZ has potatoes, peas, and cassava root. It provides extra nutrition to your furkid.

Look for the food ingredients

By now, you know that animal-based ingredient is good for the health of your furkid. So, the ingredient that should top the list includes meat. Source of organic meat tells about the quality of healthy dog food New Zealand. For instance, dog food with a chicken meal will be better than the one with poultry. Go for dog food products that include wild and fresh fish, cage-free foul, and grass-fed beef.

It is crucial to go through the list of food ingredients. Don't believe in things that you read or see online. If your dog has a sensitivity to food ingredients, feed the pup with the best grain free puppy food NZ. It is fresh and contains high-grade ingredients. For more info, contact us today. 

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