Six Things to Put a Value on When Buying Dog Food in NZ

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Not all New Zealand healthy dog food got created equal and each brand tries to highlight exclusive attributes of the product. It becomes hard for pet parents to keep confidence in spin-offs ordered online. 

There are a couple of determinants you need to consider when ordering pet food the next time. 

We will highlight six factors to note when buying dog food in NZ. 

Fat and protein are two vital factors. 

Most canines get energy from the fat and protein content of food. 

It is essential to choose a dog food with at least 26% protein count (depending on the source of organ meat). 

Raw meat has a sufficient amount of protein. 

A quality grain free dog product New Zealand has around 26% protein or more if it has quality food ingredients. 

Dogs are a bit distant from humans because they get energy from the fat content. 

While fat is a reluctant for a human diet, it’s not the same for pups and dogs.

Pro tip: It is better to look for a guaranteed analysis, as it has a standard set of ingredients. 

All dog food products should comply with the guidelines. So, it is easy to draw comparisons between two dog food products available in the market. 

Your pup gets all that you pay for

The fact is that animal-based ingredients that include fat and protein are the most expensive ingredients found in New Zealand healthy dog food. The higher fat and protein count is, the higher it costs. It is pricey to make good quality dog food. It is why when a pet food production firm has to meet its price point; it has no other option than to leave aside meat-based ingredients. 

It is what most dog food products come filled with soy, wheat, and corn. It may cost you a bit to buy high-grade pet food.

But, it has a high impact on the wellbeing and health of your pup. 

Watch out for ingredients of dog food. 

Dogs get most nutritional protein from animal-based components. So, meat is the most vital ingredient present in a bag of pup food.

Keep it in mind when ordering Dog food online in New Zealand

Besides, the source of organ meat tells you a lot about the quality of dog food. 

It is better to opt for named meat sources than a generic name like meat meal or poultry.

Pet food companies feel that they need to upgrade the product quality to include named ingredients. 

It isn’t enough to claim that a product is balanced and complete. 

Practically, the nutritional requirement to claim balanced and nutritious is just that. It might be enough for a pet to survive, but it won’t live a healthy life. 

Most dog parents feel that a product displayed in a convenience store, claiming that a balanced and complete diet should be healthy. But, New Zealand healthy dog food goes beyond that. 

Carb content 

Carbs aren’t always a bad thing. So, it is better to rule the false myth out. Dogs are non-obligate carnivores, which means that a pup can strive on an ingredient that isn’t meat-based. If a pack of dog food has an animal-based element, it still gains a lot from carbs. Check whether the dog food has fillers or not. A pack of dog food has ingredients like cornmeal, grain corn, and corn gluten. 

If you feel that your pup has diabetes, you should consult with a vet first. If your dog has diabetes, a veterinarian suggests you grain free dog product New Zealand

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