What are the Hazards of Inferior Diesel to Diesel Generator Sets

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The reason why the diesel genset can generate power to the user is because the diesel generator set needs to burn diesel to provide power to drive the power generation during the power generation process. Therefore, users try to use pure oil when using diesel generator sets, because different brands of generator sets have different requirements for diesel fuel with different powers. Today, Dingbo Power wants to share the hazards of inferior diesel to diesel generator sets.


We all know that the replacement of diesel generator set oil can well guarantee the stable use of the generator set, which also effectively prolongs the service life of the diesel generator set to a certain extent, so it must be accurate when using the diesel generator set. The determination of the replacement time of the diesel generator set.Inferior diesel will not only affect the use and power generation of diesel generator sets, but also directly affect the power of the generator sets and the occurrence of diesel engine failures. If the diesel is of better quality and the combustion rate is higher, the power of the unit can be used normally. On the contrary, the poor purity of diesel directly leads to more carbon deposits in the cylinder of the diesel engine, insufficient power of the unit, and frequent failures.


The hazards of using inferior diesel:


1. The high sulfur content of diesel fuel destroys the quality of the oil, and the oil reduces its performance prematurely, so that the diesel engine of the diesel generator set cannot get good lubrication.


2. The high water content will damage the lubrication of the precision parts of the fuel pump and fuel injection nozzle.


3. There are many impurities, which damage the precision parts of the fuel pump and the fuel injection nozzle, and the wear of the fuel injection nozzle orifice becomes larger.


4. The high residual carbon content will cause excessive carbon deposits during combustion, which will affect the combustion effect of the diesel engine. If the combustion temperature is too high, it will cause early damage to the ring and cylinder liner.


5. Diesel compartment is easy to be blocked, the power of the generator set is reduced, and the replacement interval of diesel compartment is shortened.


6. Inferior diesel is easy to cause cylinder pull and cause the diesel engine to be scrapped as a whole.

What are the Hazards of Inferior Diesel to Diesel Generator Sets


7. Inferior diesel is not easy to burn and will produce a lot of exhaust gas during use.


8. Inferior diesel will easily block the three filters of the generator set, which will affect the service life of the generator set.


9. The low heating value of diesel fuel cannot reach the specified value. The fuel consumption rate is higher than that of the calibrated diesel engine, and it cannot reach the calibrated rated power, which directly causes the power of the diesel generator set to drop.


10. The diesel filter element is easy to block, the power of the diesel generator set is reduced, and the diesel replacement interval is shortened.


The use of inferior diesel engine sets can not reach the rated power, and the fuel consumption is higher than the standard of the set, which will cause premature damage to the internal parts of the machine. At the same time, it will also cause the power system of the generator set to not get sufficient lubrication and power performance. The decline shortens the time of the overhaul period of the unit, that is to say, speeds up the maintenance, which will lead to an increase in user costs, and it will take more manpower and material resources to maintain and care.Tips from Dingbo Power: The characteristics of common low-quality diesel on the market: turbid appearance, not up to the required label, not up to the required low calorific value, high sulfur content, high impurity content, high moisture content, high residual carbon content . How to distinguish the selected diesel oil, the editor shares our engineers' methods and skills for oil selection, look more, compare more, and look at the product composition. Generally speaking, it has a clear appearance, low sulfur content (less than 1.0%), low residual carbon content (less than 1.0% by weight), low water and sediment (less than 0.1% by volume), and low ash content (less than 0.03% by weight).


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