What are the different machines used in Pulmonary functioning testing?

by Anuj Oza Hospital Equipment Provider

Pulmonary functioning testing (PFT) is a set of noninvasive examinations that are used to gauge how well a patient’s lungs are working. This is significant in the analysis and treatment of those with breathing diseases.

To perform the examinations and obtain accurate outcomes, it is significant to use the right kinds of PFT equipment and machines made by PFT Equipment manufacturers. There are numerous different machines, which we will deliberate in detail below.

The consequences that are got can support respiratory therapists and physicians identify and generate an optimal respiratory care plan. 


A spirometer is a machine that calculates the capacity and speed of air that a patient can inhale and exhale. It is obliging in identifying both obstructive and preventive lung illnesses. Additionally, it is obliging in evaluating if a medicine is working in a patient with constricted airways.

Peak Flowmeter

A peak flow meter is a hand-held machine that computes the maximum rapidity of air that can be respired when a patient blows out as hard and fast as they can.

It is used to evaluate if a patient’s asthma is under control and can also be used to gauge the effectiveness of certain medicines.

Body Plethysmograph

A body plethysmograph is a huge box that the patient enters that can gauge the quantity of air that is inhaled and the volume that remains in the lungs after exhalation. This is one of the only PFT machines supplied by PFT Equipment Suppliers that is capable of gauging a patient’s residual volume (RV). 

Pulmonary Gas Analyzer

A pulmonary gas analyzer is an apparatus that is used to gauge the concentration of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a patient’s respired breath. This information can be used to evaluate how well the lungs are swapping gases.

This is significant because, if too much CO2 accrues in the blood, it can lead to breathing failure and serious health complications. Additionally, if the oxygen concentration is reduced and hypoxemia is present, it is also difficult.

Gas-Conditioning Device

A gas-conditioning machine is used to control the temperature and moisture of the air that is being distributed to the patient during a pulmonary function examination.

This is significant because changes in temperature and moisture can affect the consequences of the examination.

Blood Gas Analyzer

A blood gas analyzer is a contraption that calculates the partial pressure of oxygen and carbon dioxide in a patient’s blood.

This information can be used to evaluate how well the lungs are swapping gases and if there is too much CO2 accruing in the blood.

Silverman Pneumotachometer

A Silverman pneumotachometer is a machine bought from PFT Equipment Dealers that is used to gauge the flow rate of gases during breathing. It uses manifold screens to act as a resistive element while helping safeguard laminar flow.

Pulse Oximeter

A pulse oximeter is a machine that gauges the oxygen capacity of a patient’s blood. This helps measure how well the lungs are moving oxygen to the blood and body tissues. Hypoxemia is a disorder in which the oxygen capacity is below normal. Using a pulse oximeter during a pulmonary function examination helps safeguard that a patient’s oxygen capacity stays within the acceptable range.

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