What should one look at while buying OT Pendants?

by Anuj Oza Hospital Equipment Provider

Surgeons perform high-stake actions when steering operations in a surgical theater. They can perform better when they can have easy entry to air, tools, and, lights that they might require during the sequence of an operation.

This is why OT Pendants made by OT Pendant Manufacturers are very valuable equipment for surgeons and anesthesia systems to work inside a surgical theater.

What is an OT Pendant?

An OT Pendant is a medical fixture that is set to a ceiling or wall and is used in delivering medical gases, electricity, lighting, and every other connection or facility that is required in a clinical room or operating theatre. It can be switched to make certain tools or gases easily available by a surgeon whenever they are wanted.

This safeguards that the floor of the surgical room is not plagued with chains and other essential tools which may hinder free movement or cause accidents.

Surgical Pendant Uses

Surgical pendants are used to safeguard that light, medical tools, and medical airs are voluntarily obtainable to a surgeon while making sure that the operating room is neat and clutter-free.

What to Look For When Purchasing Surgical Pendant

When purchasing surgical pendants from OT Pendant Suppliers, you must look out for the subsequent features:


When purchasing a surgical pendant, mainly a ceiling-mounted one, you would want to take the elevation of the surgical room in contrast with the elevation of the pendant into consideration.

You would not want to go for a pendant that is not lofty enough to be available by doctors because it is far up in the ceiling.

Appreciatively though, the stature of some operating pendants is talented of being modified, henceforth you may want to go that choice when in doubt.


When looking to buy a surgical pendant, it is significant to consider the power required for the device. Most surgical pendants function on an AC220V power source, but some pendants require a different power.


You must consider whether the surgical pendant has an opportunity of being alternated. And if so, then you would also want to reflect on what degree is revolution possible.

It is sensible to go for OT Pendants that are accomplished of being alternated to up to 340°. This supports surgeons having more ready admission to tools, gases, illumination, and any other surgical equipment they may want.


Height-adjustable pendants can be attuned according to the stature of the person who will use them. The comfort of use and ease level during an operation will depend on how adaptable a pendant is. This safeguards that surgeons do not have to deal with disruption when using it.

Standard of Gas Outlets

Diverse surgical pendants have diverse gas outlets.; Medical gas outlets are the methods by which patients obtain medical gases. They also permit the use of surgical tools and ventilation equipment during surgery and/or anesthesia.

Number of Gas Vents

You would also do well to reflect on how many gas vents are available in the pendant. Surgical pendants classically have between one and four standard gas vents. Though, some medical devices can house more than this number of standard gas vents.

Number of Electrical Plugs

Low-power electrical plugs must be attached to the pendant’s main circuit. You would want your OT Pendant to have a good number of electrical plugs as this would mean that you can make even more electrical networks.; Having the lowest of four electric plugs is a good place to start.

Number of Foundation Stations

Foundation stations are important in safeguarding that the electrical cabling in your operating theater is safe. Some operating theaters have up to 2 foundation stations.

You would not want to concede the security of your surgery patients for anything so it is significant, so, to take note of foundation stations when looking to purchase an OT Pendant from an OT Pendant Dealers.

Number of Inoculation Pump

Some pendants have only one injection pump, but it is vital to take note of the number of inoculation pumps as this would help you choose whether or not your operating theater can be armed with that pendant.

Operation theaters that need anesthesia and recovery (intubation) often come with 4 inoculation pumps for salty and air, 2 gas outlets, and other liquids.

Net Loading Size

You must reflect the amount of weight the OT Pendant can carry without stress.

Having a pendant with a higher loading size means that you can ascribe more equipment without perturbing overloading the pendant. Most pendants create with a net loading size of over 180 Kg. You might also want to reflect the shelf loading size of the pendant as this would control the number of extra apparatuses and equipment you can stockpile in the pendant’s drawers.


A valid guarantee on a surgical pendant is another important deliberation when purchasing one.

This is because the guarantee ensures that you don't spend money purchasing something that may not work correctly or last for a while. Safeguard that you make the most out of your money by going for pendants that will deliver you a guarantee in terms of toughness and the services provided.

Some pendants also come with a guarantee that ensures that goods receive financial reimbursement resulting from losses produced by natural adversities or coincidences during the shipping process.

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