What are the benefits of air pillow packaging?

by Joseph Carlyien Internet Marketing

Read on the below given article to know about air pillow packaging.

There are a plethora of void-fill choices, including the more common packing peanuts, molded pulp trays, and air pillows. It's easy to go with the first paper or foam fill choice you see when shopping for eco-friendly packaging. To what aim would it serve to delay a choice for longer than necessary?

Did you realize there's another benefit to using air cushions in packaging than just cushioning what's inside?

Shipping products in Air pillow packaging has several advantages beyond only lowering the overall shipping weight and enhancing the security of the shipment. Advantages of Shipping with Air Pillows

Besides making travel more secure and less tiring, air pillows also have a lot of advantages when it comes to shipping. Using air pillows for transportation has several advantages, including better hygiene during packing and potential cost savings due to volume.

1. Better protection

Air pillows are a versatile void fill material that may also be utilized for blocking and bracing purposes in transportation. This may be preferable if you're in need of an item that won't slip off.

2. Versatility Enhanced

One of the advantages of air cushion packing is its adaptability. You may get air pillows in a wide range of sizes and film thicknesses to meet your every demand. We have a wide variety of film mixtures and inflatable styles to meet your requirements.

3. A lightweight option for filling voids

Because of how little weight it adds to parcels, this void fill is often chosen over heavier void fill, which may significantly increase shipping expenses.

4. A More Hygienic Purchasing and Storage Procedure

This kind of packing is quite "sanitary." When opening packages, consumers won't have to grab a broom in fear of a packing peanut explosion since this method is used instead. Same goes for distribution and fulfilment facilities, where you won't have to worry about packing peanuts or other loose packaging materials all over the place.

5. Tidier Product Display

Using air pillows instead of packing peanuts or other loose void-fill materials reduces the risk of such items sticking to your goods owing to static electricity or the packaging itself.

When transporting electronics, air cushions are a frequent shipping accessory. Pillows are one component of a comprehensive protective packaging strategy, but they are not the only one.

6. Environmentally Friendly Packing Options

Customers increasingly care about finding environmentally friendly, biodegradable, or recyclable alternatives, and there are such solutions available. You may meet your consumers' demands by using air cushion packaging, which is available in both biodegradable and recyclable forms.

7.   Cost-Saving Opportunities Associated with Bulk Purchases

It is often necessary to unroll and inflate air pillows and other packing items upon arrival. Inflatable rolls of cushioning may be purchased in quantity, reducing the need for extensive warehouse space.

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