What are some of the most popular types of fireworks available in the market?

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Who doesn't love an excellent firework? Are you looking forward to a bonfire night? Whether you are having your own firework display or visiting a display, there are several options in the market. There is a whole bunch of fireworks that you will witness in the market. If you are not going to a display this year and have decided to have one of your own, then choosing the right firework is essential. From fountains, rockets, sparklers and more, the choice is endless. Given below is a list of some of the most common types of fireworks that you can purchase:

Firecracker and smoke bombs:

These are one of the most common types of firecracker available in the market. If you are a fan of popping firecrackers and smoke bombs, then you should definitely try this product. For someone who loves loud bags, smoke bombs can be a great choice. However, they do not make for the right product to use in bonfire night. 

Loud fireworks:

Loud fireworks come in different shape and size. They all are unique and have a different volume of decibel. Given below are a few common types of loud crackers:

1.Rockets- One of the most famous fireworks to use in a bonfire night is rockets. They are the oldest of their kind. Bonfire is known for its colourful night as you shoot the rockets into the sky and wait for the lights to triumph over the skies. Rockets can usually go up to 60 metres, might vary for different kinds of rockets.

2.Fountain- Fountains are the best way to shower sparks that too at close sight. There is no whistle or bang when you light them off, just a gentle whoosh sound. They are a beautiful sight to watch, and you will surely enjoy awe-inspiring minutes.

3.Roman candles- you can find roman candles in different shapes and sizes. These can be used to fire anything from a few small shots to hundred per candles. When you light up the Roman candle, it gives away stars with a bunch of colours, noise and humming sound.

Quiet fireworks:

If you are someone who is not a fan of loud crackers, then this one is just the right product for you. They usually include sparklers, paper lanterns, wheels, etc. You can find them easily in a Firewok shop.

After you have chosen the fireworks that you will be using on the bonfire night, it is time to organize everything. Place the smaller firework at the front of the display and the larger ones including rockets at the back. Setting up the show in the right manner will make it look attractive, and you will be able to find things accurately. 

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