What are Active and Passive RFID Readers And How Do They Work?

by Mihika Nayak Digital Marketer

Intro: What is an RFID Reader?​​

An RFID reader is an electronic device that is used to read information from a radio-frequency identification (RFID) tag.

An RFID tag can be passive or active. Active tags have a battery and are able to generate their own signal, while passive tags are not powered and rely on the signal of the reader.

RFID tags contain data about the object they are attached to, such as its unique serial number, location, and expiration date. The reader transmits an electromagnetic field in order to power up the chip in the RFID tag and then reads its contents by picking up the response signal from it.

What are the differences between Active and Passive RFID Readers?

Active RFID tags are more expensive than passive tags, but they are also more accurate. Active tag reader can be read from a distance and can be updated with new information. Passive RFID tags do not have this capability, but they are less expensive and require less power to operate.

Passive reader (RFID tags) are cheaper to produce and use less energy than active RFID tags, but they cannot be detected at long ranges or updated with new information after being manufactured. Active RFID tags have the same limitations as passive ones, but they cost more to produce and require additional power to operate.

How Do I Choose the Best Type of RFID Reader for My Business Needs?

RF tag reader is the backbone of any RFID system. They are used to read and write data to tags and some can even be used to read data from contactless cards.

There are many different types of RFID readers available on the market today. Before you look for the best rfid reader suppliers, To ensure you choose the right one for your business needs, you should first ask yourself:

- What type of tags do I need to read?

- Which type of card do I need to read?

- What is my budget?

- How much space will it take up?

- What is my power source?

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