Warframe Fishing Guide: How to Get Started with Spots, Spears, and More

by Aida Martin Norton Setup

A few years ago, the developers of Warframe launched their first open-world expansion in the Plains of Eidolon. It changed the mechanics of Warframe a lot for making the game an RPG friendly game with some dynamic improvements. After several updates, developers added the fishing system with a fresh new open-world expansion from Fortuna to Heart of Deimos. In the beginning, for players, it was a bit odd. However, as the game processed and the fishing system got more players than ever. This is all because fishing offers some incredible items, but players have to know some secrets and tips to catch bigger fishes.

Before Getting Started

Before starting fishing, it is necessary to know the base mechanics. Every open-world area (Orb Vallis, Plains of Eidolons, and Cambion Drift) has separate fishing mechanisms. If any player is good in one area, it doesn’t mean he/she will perform in other areas. To perform perfectly in every area, it is necessary to have skills.

The first major thing for fishing is the fishing spear and then some bait. The normal baits can attract fishes, but the rare fishes only require a certain type of bait. To unlock the special bait items, players have to progress the game.

It is necessary to stay in a clear area with a fishing spear and other equipment to catch fish. Fishing equipment and spear will keep the player protected from engaging in any close combat. However, make sure to stay in a clear area where you don’t get distracted by the enemies.

Once being in “fishing mode,” the game will replace normal abilities with baits. By throwing the baits in the water, you can encourage some fishes, but their arrival timing is not confirmed.

While fishing, make sure to aim for the biggest fish you see. Big fishes don’t only provide necessary materials, but they are also easier to catch than other fishes. Rare fishes can also be caught, but usually, they are only available in small sizes. So it depends on the players whether they want to get their hands on big or small fishes.

The next major thing that players have to remember is timing, location, and weather. Some fishes only appear at particular timing and weather conditions. Some specific fishes only appear in lakes, rivers, ponds, and caves. While some fishes appear at night. So make sure to be aware of the places other necessary factors.

Fishing on Plains Of Eidolon

Plains of Eidolon is the first open-world zone that players received. In this area of the game, players can find a huge variety of fishes to catch through baits. Remember that each spear is suitable for some specific type of fishes, while each bait is designed to attract a specific type of fish. Some bait can be used on all kinds of fishes, and you have to use all these factors while catching fishes in Plains of Eidolon.

First, head towards the Fisher Hai-Luk and get a total of three spears: Tulok, Peram, and Lanzo. Each spear is suitable for a specific type of fish. Simply when a fish’s health falls to zero, it gets caught. So you have to use the right spear and make sure to shoot at the right spot. 

Fishing on Orb Vallis

After reaching Fortuna, your trip will get easier. In the following location, you’ll only require to use only a single type of spear. There you need to catch Servofish, and then only you need to remember is bait. Pick the right bait during the right weather condition. The fish will only appear in its suitable weather conditions.

In Orb Vallis, instead of using the three already obtained spears, move to The Business to obtain a shock spear. The process of using a shock spear is slightly different from the previous three spears. After a fish is stuck in the spear, you need to shock the fish. Press the hit key when the meter is in the center, and then a powerful shock wave will stun the fish to grab it easily. 

Fishing on Cambion Drift

After arriving at the final open-world Cambion Drift, you’ll have to purchase one more spear. The new spear is Spari Fishing Spear that will allow you to catch the fish. Unlike the Orb Vallis fishes that appear in lakes, rivers, and ponds, the Cambion Drift fishes can be found on the surface or underground.

To increase the chances of catching Fas-spawning fish, use Fass Residue to catch the Vome-spawning fish, and use the Vome Residue. With the help of the following baits, you’ll be able to catch fish quickly.


The fishing process in Warframe is really interesting. In the game, players must remember several important things like the environment, baits, area, weather condition, and spear. In the beginning, players might face some trouble because of the less knowledge of spears and baits. 

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