Want To Step Up Your Homoeopathy And Cancer ? You Need To Read This First

by Dr Shalini Vinay Best homeopathic doctor in Gurgaon

There are various approaches and different treatment philosophies by which a homoeopath treat the deadly disease called cancer. A combination of these approaches is used by practitioners while treating cancer by homoeopathy. Dr. Shalini’s clinic is the best homoeopathy clinic in Gurgaon for treating various diseases including cancer.

What is cancer?

Cancer is the name for a group of diseases associated with the uncontrolled growth of cells which crowd out the normal cells. It can start any place in the body. The out of control growth of cells makes it hard for the body to work normally or the way it should. Cancer can be cured completely if diagnosed and treated at its early stages.

What are the common side effects of treating cancer with allopathic medicine?

Your health care expert will tell you about the possible side effects that you can experience during the cancer treatment with allopathic medicines. Chemotherapy is one of the most effective cancer treatment but also lead to the most serious side effects. Talk to your doctor how can you prevent or manage the side effects of chemotherapy listed below:

  • Hair loss

  • Fatigue

  • Infection

  • Low RBC count

  • Loss of appetite

  • Constipation

  • Bruising and bleeding

  • Mouth sores and pain in mouth, throat and tongue

  • Numbness and tingling of muscles

  • Dry skin and decolouration of nails

  • Mood swings

If you are looking for cancer treatment with no or minimal side effects, You can switch to the homoeopathic treatments, which are also very effective while treating cancer.

What is homoeopathy?

Homoeopathy can be used as a complementary therapy in the peoples suffering from cancer. It is based on the principle of like treats like. The homoeopathic therapist uses the small doses of a substance which can actually cause the symptoms of the illness in large doses. Most of the homoeopath will suggest you treat your cancer with homoeopathy because it may help the peoples feel better or more in control of their condition.

Can cancer be cured by homoeopathic treatments?

Most peoples prefer homoeopathic medicines over the allopathic one to treat cancer because of the lesser side effects. There are various treatment approaches by which a doctor can treat cancer.

A direct target of the cancer cell is the first approach to treat cancer. Conium maculatum is an effective medicine used by many homoeopaths to treat hard, immovable and slowly developing tumours. Conium maculatum extract is traditionally used as a homoeopathic medicine to treat cervix carcinoma. It is used by doctors to target tumours and reverses their growth.

Arsenicum album is the other most frequently recommended homoeopathic remedy for cancer.

Homoeopathic physicians aim to stimulate immunity, reduce pain and improve the overall well being, in treating people coping with cancer.

How effective homoeopathic treatment in people with cancer?

Homoeopathy is used as a treatment option in cancer along with the other approaches (diet & detoxification programmes, immune system support) by most of the professionals. Homoeopathic treatment, when used with the other supportive treatment methods, can be an amazingly powerful tool for empowering peoples to heal cancer.

Many clinical and non-clinical studies have proved that homoeopathy can be used as a treatment of choice for cancer.

Have your health care provider diagnosed your cancer at the early stage? Well, you are lucky because cancer is completely curable when detected early. Ask your health care provider first if you are going to choose the treatment methods to treat your cancer. If you are planning to go for homoeopathic treatment for cancer, meet Dr. Shalini Vinay, a leading homoeopathy practitioner based in Delhi NCR. Dr. Shalini at her clinic provides the best homoeopathic treatment in Gurgaon for cancer.

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