VoIP Security Risks and How to Protect Against Them

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Cyber-security should always be a priority. At this point, security risks are growing every day. A company should always make sure they know the risks they’re faced with and should always protect themselves against them.

Most Common Threats are:-

Eavesdropping is almost exactly how it sounds. Without any authorization, audio streams can get intercepted. This leaves any spoken information at potential risk. Usually, data collected from eavesdropping is used for identity theft, but this isn’t always the case.
Now, you may have heard of Phishing which is a similar type of risk. Vishing uses voice — rather than email — to trick the recipients into giving away their sensitive information.
This is a type of call fraud. Attackers break into your telecommunication system to obtain free calls from the service provider.
In doing this, hackers can increase the calls on someone’s account, change call plans, add more credit to an account or use it for identity theft.
DOS Attacks
Standing for ‘Denial of Service’, DOS attacks are when hackers overwhelm a system with requests. The system is then forced to shut down, or slow, as it can’t cope. Hackers do this with SIP call-signaling messages.
Malware, viruses and worms are all ways hackers can expose your systems. Hardware and software in your VoIP network are vulnerable to these attacks.
Protecting Against It
Now you understand the most common ways your information can be stolen; you need to understand how to prevent it.
Strong Passwords
Firstly, the most obvious solution for these problems is strong passwords. You need to make sure that your account is protected by something complex.
Anti-Virus Software
Anti-virus software prevents, detects and removes malware from your systems, before damage can be caused. Without this, viruses get in extremely easily and can cause major technical issues.
The purpose of VoIP communication is that it’s sent over a network. When information is sent over the internet, it is unencrypted. This means anything that’s being transmitted is easily accessible to hackers.
Although sounding complicated, it’s usually quite easy to configure or turn on encryption between points on your network. Despite this, it isn’t always the same. It depends on how your VoIP network is set up, your specific firewall settings, different routers etc.
VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. For a business, this means they can browse the internet, while securely encrypted. This will protect all sensitive or private data.
A VPN is very important to use on public WIFI, as it’s never actually secure. A hacker can see everything you’re browsing and steal data you release unbeknown.
Use these tips to provide safety for your business and your customers’ information. Hackers are evolving every day, so you need to make sure you’re prepared for the worst.
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