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by Mukesh Jha Travel Consult

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Coffee is a tradition in Greece. You can find coffee stores in every walk of the city. People in this city would often visit coffee shops to meet their friends and spend hours together sipping the freshly brewed coffee. The most widely ordered coffee by the youngsters in this place is Frappe while the elders in Greek prefer to have Greek Coffee, which is also known as Ellinikos. During the scorching summer season, locals and tourists would hang out in the traditional coffee shops with a cold coffee. 

You can find coffee shops close to beaches, side streets and central squares. The most traditional coffee place in Greece is kafenion. For Greeks, coffee break is a must-need break in a day. When you are in Greece, you should try the traditional coffee, which lets you to get in touch with the Greek culture and also allows you to socialize with the locals.

With Coffee being taken seriously by Greeks, there are many coffee shops mushrooming across the city. However, the coffee sipped in the traditional coffee shops is divine and unbeatable. You find many traditional coffee shops in picturesque squares and narrow streets, whose glory is still intact. Many locals and foreigners must sip a cup of coffee in these traditional coffee houses to learn about Greek hospitality and get the best experience of real Greek Coffee. Well, we have listed some of the best cafes of Greece, now it’s your duty to visit them.

  1. Houston

This is the oldest coffee house that is located in the main square known as Skala that is on the island of Patmos. This café is started by the Greek person who has immigrated to US. Through his hard work and efforts, he was able to gain a huge popularity through his coffee shop. He earned a lot and came back to this homeland to start this coffee shop. After him, this coffee shop is managed by his sisters. They serve the authentic coffee that the taste and aroma of the coffee stay on your lips for a long time. 

  1. Anna, here’s an apple

This is located in Milies, which is one of the wonderful villages that are in Thessaly that is on the height of 400m of Mount Pelion. This is the oldest and traditional coffee house this is warm and welcoming. In addition to tasting different aromatic coffee varieties, you can also enjoy sweet jams, cheesecakes, apple pies and other homemade pies. Every variety that is available in this coffee house is prepared with homemade ingredients. 

  1. Panellinion

This is the oldest and most famous traditional coffee house that is in Greece. This is located in Kechagia Square that is in Amfissa. This was started in 1936 serving the best aromatic coffee to the local and tourists visiting Greece. This will allow you to taste the Greek coffee on the pot besides offering you with the best Greek hospitality. There are many famous Greek actors who have sipped the coffee in this famous coffee house. There is a scene from the movie; "The Travelling Players" has been shot in this coffee house. The great artists of those times were warmly welcomed to this coffee shop. 

  1. Megalo Kafeneio

This is another famous traditional coffee house that is located in the Saint Basil Square that is in Tripoli. This has opened its door in 1897 and is the oldest of all coffee shops in Greece. This has become a meeting point for many great personalities and privileged members in the society. There are many philosophers and writers who visit this coffee shop to sip coffee. This coffee shop is alluring many coffee lovers by serving the Greek coffee that is roasted on coals to retain its old glory. This has wooden mirrors and chandeliers around to give an older touch. 

  1. Costa’s café

This is a traditional coffee shop that is located in the village called Siva, which is just 18 kilometers from Southwest of Crete. This coffee shop walls are painted with the pictures of saints, proverbs and mottos. You can grab a cup of coffee to enjoy the beauty of the paintings by sitting on the chair for hours together. The taste of coffee would definitely make you visit this shop again and again when you are in Greece. This is the best place to take hospitality. 

The above listed are the five traditional coffee houses that you find in Greece. These coffee houses will offer a unique experience by blending traditional and modern in the menu and décor. These coffee houses will serve the coffee in copper pots that is surrounded with sand. You will not stop having a single cup of coffee when you land in any of these places.

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