Video surveillance with WebCam and IP cameras: best programs

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A webcam , both the standard included on the laptop PC and the one connected via USB cable, can be used not only to make video calls from the computer, or to record movies (see article on how to record video from a webcam ), but also to do video surveillance , controlling an environment and detecting movements as any security camera would do.

It is therefore possible to create a very economical control system in the computer room, to be calm when we are out, so as to spy on whatever happens.

In this article we go to see the best programs to manage video surveillance from the computer using a webcambasic or an IP camera, which is instead wireless, but connected to the wifi network and accessible remotely.

With IP cameras it is possible to create a real low cost surveillance system, managed by the home computer or.

Most of the programs on this list, all free , allow you to manage multiple cameras or webcams at the same time and are also able to record videos or take photos when movements are detected.

1) Yawcam is the first program to report when talking about video surveillance from the computer, because simple and full of functionality, completely free.

Yawcam allows you to easily transform any WebCam into a sophisticated security system that can detect and record any suspicious movement within the area under control, and automatically send notifications of the intrusion.

YawCam analyzes the images taken by the WebCam and, if you notice movements within the frame (or just a certain portion), activates the video recording or a sequence of photos, with the possibility to send an e-mail message to an address default, or sending photos directly to a remote server via FTP or simply storing everything on your hard drive.

There are several configuration parameters including the sensitivity of activation of the registration to

The nice thing of YawCam is the possibility of using a Web server that allows you to use the WebCam via the Internet and see in real time the video streaming of what has been recorded .


2) iSpy , an excellent program to monitor with webcam and microphone recording the movements to the computer (to which an article is dedicated).

iSpy is the world's most popular open source video surveillance application, compatible with most webcams and IP cameras for sale, with over 2 million users worldwide.

iSpy uses webcams and microphones to detect and record movements or sounds and provides security, surveillance, monitoring and alerting services.

iSpy can be configured to run on multiple computers at the same time.


3) AtHome Camera is a free program for Windows PC and Mac that serves to manage and control the IP cameras of any brand.

Easy to use, the Athome Camera instantly detects connected cameras and displays the frames of live footage.

You can then schedule recordings, set alerts and alarms, detect movements and allow you to control the shots from your mobile phone.

In the free version, you can record up to 15 minutes of recording per day, and is limited to a connection ID.

Using the smartphone you can connect live to what is framed by the webcam.


4) ContaCam is an open source and free software, often updated and with active development, capable of managing RTSP and H.264 network cameras (IP cameras) and webcams, designed for CCTV security surveillance thanks to the video recorder, the ability to detect the movement and webserver to access images via the internet.

Besides being also in Italian, it is a light and fast software, easy to use, but complete.

5) NetCam Studio is a powerful and feature-rich video surveillance program.

In addition to the common features found in video surveillance software (including motion detection), Netcam Studio has audio detection, license plate recognition, synchronization of Cloud and NAS recordings.

The free version incorporates a Netcam Studio software logo at the bottom of the recorded video.

6) TeboCam is a very simple video surveillance software with the particularity that it notices if in the image shot changes something and sends a message via Email in case there are unexpected movements.

You can also tell the program to monitor and monitor only a portion of the shot so, if there were movements of objects due to the wind, they would not be reported.

7) Ivideon is a good free program to manage connected cameras from any device, including computers and smartphones with apps for iPhone and Android.

Ivideon detects suspicious events in the visual field of the camera and sends notifications and alarms.


8) To control your home or office remotely with an excellent security system you can download and use WebCamSpy , an online video surveillance software via Webcam.

The program can take pictures on request, or continuous shooting can be configured at regular time intervals.

9) SecureCam2 is a very small program that has all the basic functions necessary to manage a security camera.

The only limitation in SecureCam2 is that it supports up to 4 cameras.

10) Camera Viewer Proit is one of the best in terms of usability and use of system resources, using only 1% of the CPU during operation.


11) An excellent professional video surveillance program, not free but which costs little is Active Webcam that supports recording from many cameras together and also allows you to watch streaming video footage from the internet.

I do not go into depth because it is not free but if you are looking for a solid solution, maybe some money has to be spent.

12) Genius Vision NVR is an IP camera with a free version called Community Edition that has the only limit to record from 4 IP cameras, more than enough for non-commercial use.

The program is rather old and difficult to use.

13) EyeLine (not free) has been designed specifically for businesses but is perfect for video surveillance of Offices, Buildings and Commercial and Private Houses.

EyeLine can record at the same time from an unlimited number of webcams, the only limit is the ability of the PC running the application and recording the images taken.

The recorded images can be stored on a local PC and automatically compressed for archiving or for subsequent searches by date, time, specific camera or webcam, or other criteria using the search function in the program.

To save space on your computer you can program the start of recordings according to motion detection even for a single camera.

This feature saves recording space by activating video storage only when something is moving in the programmed field of view.

14) Without installing anything on the pc, but with the simple internet connection you can also use a web application for monitoring and detecting movements from the internet .

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