Varieties of Sapphires Gemstones

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All the Sapphire gemstones are considered highly precious gemstones from the corundum mineral family. Sapphire gemstones are thought to be one of the quickest acting gemstones that can lead to great benefits to the native. Sapphires contain curative forces and capabilities that assist an individual who is struggling with illness and manages the well-being of the wearer. The stone contains amazing healing powers which enable a person to get success in business, jobs, and bring a boost in social status. 

Sapphire Gemstones are the crystal variety of corundum, an oxide of aluminum. Sapphire stones are found in a variety of colors ranges from blue, yellow, green, purple, or orange, depending on the trace pollutants that are seen in the sapphire stone. Ruby gemstone which is often referred to as Red sapphire is a precious gem variety of corundum mineral family.

These sapphire gemstones are exceptionally hard and scale 9 on the Mohs scale of hardness. Basically, Sapphires are an exquisite gemstone that is found in different varieties. Here we have shared Some of the amazing varieties of sapphire gemstones. 

Blue Sapphires

Unexpectedly, royal blue sapphires are not considered as the benchmark for pricing. In fact, when it comes to the sapphire gemstone then there is no universal standard for evaluating the cost of the gemstones. Each Sapphire gemstone possesses its own pricing index. Like diamonds, Sapphire gemstones are assessed by their transparency first. When it comes to the quality of a sapphire gemstone then the quality of sapphires the evaluated by 4 c's which are color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. Sometimes these stones are also judged by their strength and unity of color. Shortage of marks, cloudiness, or defects can be some other benchmarks that can ascertain the worth of Sapphire Gemstone.

Though, gemologists lead to value deep color tones. Sometimes color becomes an individual choice for a person. Some individuals favor bright pastel hues as compared to rich ones. Still, the most popular Sapphire gemstone remains to be the best royal blue Sapphire, which gets its unique color tones due to the presence of titanium and iron.

Padparadscha Sapphire gemstone

This precious variety of sapphire gemstones named Padparadscha Sapphire has a pinkish-orangish scintillating shade, that gives it a unique alluring look. This rich variety of sapphire arrives naturally and it doesn't need any type of further chemical treatment. It is believed that the stone must also be considered that it is simply recognized by the common man, but it is popular between gemstone specialists and jewelers.

Pink Sapphire

The color of the Sapphire Gemstone is imposed in accordance with their ‘shade’, ‘saturation’, and ‘tone’. The color of the Sapphire gemstone is a primary key to judge the quality of a sapphire gemstone. ‘Saturation of Sapphire’ is the clarity and ‘tone’ belongs to the brightness or the darkness of the stone.

The color of Pink Sapphire stone can range from baby pink to deep fuchsia. Sometimes, the color shades of pink Sapphire gemstone crosses over to red, change it into a Ruby Gemstone. The Sapphire gemstone might also have a purple hue, that transforms it into a purple sapphire. Accidentally, purple sapphires are similar in appearance to pink sapphire stone, the only difference the stone has they have vanadium.

Yellow Sapphires

Pukhraj Ratna is a Hindi term for a yellow sapphire gemstone. the color tones of a Yellow Sapphire stone can range from light lemon yellow to intense tangerine. Although yellow sapphire gemstone with lighter shades is the trending variety of sapphire gemstone for what jewelers look at. Some expert gemologists believed that the best yellow sapphire gemstones have a striking golden-orange color tone.

Green Sapphire

Green Sapphire gemstone is a precious gem variety that looks like an emerald stone due to its attractive green color shade. Its green color tone is the result of iron, copper, and some Titanium. The presence of these elements in gemstone produces a different color variety. The color of Green Sapphire gemstone can range from pale olive to dark bottle-green. In fact, all shades of the stones are acceptable so long because the stone doesn't contain any flaws, and that boosts the quality of this amazing gemstone. Most people who like to buy green Sapphire favor Emerald gemstones. However, green sapphire gemstones are best recommended for jewelry as they are actually better suited with jewelry. When we compare an emerald and a green sapphire stone then the green sapphire stones are more enduring than Emerald.

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