Opal Stone: Astrological Benefits and Ruling Planet Venus

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Opal is a popular semi-precious gem variety that belongs to the Silicates Quartz group mineral family. These stones come in a number of color varieties hence the stone is regarded as the play of colors. As we all know that all the gemstones on the earth are associated with a specific planet. Just like that, opal gemstone is also related to a planet which is often known as planet Venus. Venus or Shukra planet is recognized as the symbol of the aspirations of human beings. When it comes to the ruling planet Venus then along with this opal gemstone performs a crucial role in the Vedic astrological world.

As people thought that the planet Venus is considered to be the planet of relations and luxury so, by wearing an opal gemstone, an individual is able to strengthen their relationships and can attain great pitches in their way. The stone helps to live a luxurious lifestyle full of pleasure and can achieve their all heart hopes by using this magical opal gemstone.

The opal gemstone is generally considered the symbol of love, relationships, marital bliss, companionship, fertility, and sexual compatibility. However, if you do not have any idea about which stone works for you or what will be the right procedure to wear these stones then, you are highly advised to visit an astrologer as soon as possible.

If you are suggested to wear this stone then only you should wear these stones. When it comes to wearing the stone then it has both negative and positive influences on the wearer's life. if you catch the stone in the wrong way then, you will have to suffer a lot of negative impacts or we can say it can raise hurdles in your life. In accordance with the adverse power of planet Venus, it can give you numerous negative effects in your life and also you don’t let you get love from your partner, friends, or relatives. Maybe, you will have to encounter many problems in your relationship or married life. Hence, it is highly recommended to visit an expert astrologer before wearing this stone.

Who should wear Opal gemstone

When it comes to wearing the stone then Who should wear opal stone has become the most examined question these days. However, at first, you should definitely get advice from an experienced astrologer to attain the best results in your life. After that, you should buy this gemstone. Sometimes we buy an expensive gemstone but if the stone doesn't work for you then our savings will be wasted. So we should use our money wisely because money is as precious as a gemstone. Now coming to the main point, we all know that opal gemstones symbolize the birthstone for some people. People who are born in the month of October can carefully wear this gemstone.

People who are born with the zodiac signs Taurus and Libra in their birth chart are recommended to wear this stone to attain good fortune and peaceful life. The stone is highly prescribed to those people who own Mahadasha or Antardasha of Venus in their birth chart. This gemstone can be very quite beneficial for those who are experiencing Libido, infertility, sexual disorders, and impotency in their life.

Opal stone benefits in astrology

This finest quality gemstone is acknowledged to be the gem of beauty, charm, luxury, and elegance. The stone is generally used by people for their personal appeal in their life. Apart from all these things, the stone holds a lot of astrological properties in the Vedic astrological world that can be highly propitious for an individual. Here we are going to discuss all the astrological benefits of wearing an opal gemstone.

According to some astrological myths, opal gemstones are ruled with the planet Venus which can help to meet all the heart-desires of an individual as soon as possible. The stone can bring a luxurious lifestyle for you and can bless you with glamour, romance, love, happiness, joy, delights, attractions, pleasure, and passion. Besides this, opal gemstones are considered a great substitute for precious diamonds.

The stone holds several color shades and benefits hence it is recognized as the substitute for the many types of precious gemstone. Hence, you can wear this stone instead of a diamond. When it comes to the Vedic procedure of wearing this stone then there are several things that you must keep in your mind. A ring is highly advised to use to get better results and it should be positioned in silver metal or any other white metal alloy like White Gold or Platinum. The stone should be of appropriate weight and quality. The weight of the stone should be 1/10th of the total body weight. 

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