Panna Stone: Origin and Properties

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The Gemstones are a beautiful gift from Nature. It has got an important place in Vedic astrology due to its beautiful appearance and ultimate healing power or benefits. In other words, we can say Gemstones are considered as nature-made pieces of gems. Each Gemstone on the planet earth relates to different families (crystals from which they are addressed) as Sapphire gemstones and Rubies are thought to belong to the Corundum family. Similarly, Emerald Gemstone which is also referred to as Panna stone and Budh Ratna in Hindu methodology belong to the Beryl mineral family Family. This green colored precious gemstone found in a variety of color that ranges from bluish green to pure green.

In the previous blog, we have discussed the different types of Sapphire gemstones of the corundum mineral family. Here, we are going to discuss in brief Panna stone Origin, Properties, and Benefits.

Emerald Gemstone:

In Hindi, this Emerald gemstone is also acknowledged as Panna Stone or Panna Ratna. These precious Gemstones are believed to be very vivid as compare to others gemstones of Navratna Gemstones. The reason behind this fact is its engaging green color. Nevertheless, the stones come in multiple variants available in this color. According to their origins and colors, Emerald gemstones are separated into different categories such as No-oil Emerald, Panjshir Emerald, Columbian Emerald, etc.

Like some Emeralds are the means to green like Colombian emerald and fascinating some are apparent like Brazilian emerald. But when the thing comes to its amazing Hue (primary color)then it always remains green. 

Ruling Planet of Emerald Gemstone?

If you don’t think that astrology exists in the world then you can skip this part, but if you think it exists then it’s for you. In Indian Vedic astrology, each gemstone on the globe is represented by some of the planets of our solar system. Each gemstone holds some supernatural powers, or you can say these gemstones are closed with some powerful energies with respect to their planet.

Thus, the Emerald Gemstone or Panna Stone derives its power from the mystical planet Mercury or Budha (in Hindi). The mercury planet is considered the smallest but powerful planet of Indian astrology. Hence, the Panna stone is believed as the most powerful gemstone for those who have weaker placed mercury in their birth chart.

Origins of Emerald Gemstone or Panna Stone:

Nowadays, Emerald Gemstones are available in the whole world but some of their variety is rare hence the stone comes in a higher price range. Henceforth, if you buy this gemstone from a retailer shop then you are buying a simple piece of glass because the emerald is a precious gem variety of beryl mineral family which is rare is all over the world. Always buy an Emerald stone from a trusted and reliable gemstones store.

It doesn't matter where are they coming from. When we need them, they are always available in a variety of colors. We don't know Which country provides these Emeralds to your native people? So let's have a quick discussion about the origins of emerald gemstone.

The finest quality emerald gemstone is now becoming too rare. These gemstones come from Colombia, Zambia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and Zimbabwe, and many other countries. Emeralds from Colombia is considered the finest quality gemstone. These Colombian emeralds are the richest variety of emerald gemstones. Brazil is another country from where emerald gemstones are found. Brazilian Emeralds are lighter in color when we compare them with the Colombian emeralds. 

Emerald Gemstone Properties:

Above we have discussed the origins of this magical gemstone. There wasn’t anything that tells about the physical and chemical properties of the gemstones. So for that, here we have mentioned some of its properties.

Physical Properties:

  • Emerald Gemstone or Panna Ratna relates to the Beryl family.

  • This Gemstone comprises aluminum, beryllium, and chromium.

  • The hardness of the gemstone reaches up to 8.0 on the Mohs Scale of hardness.

Chemical Properties:

  • The chemical composition of the Panna stone is (Be3Al2(SiO3)6).

  • The refractive index territory ranges from 1.565 to 1.602 and the Density lies between 2.67 to 2.78.

Color Composition:

  • The color of the Emerald gemstone ranges from light to dark according to the origins of the stone.

  • Mostly Emerald includes inclusions and that enhances its virtue most of the time. Emeralds with inclusions are believed to be the best for astrology.

  • Moreover, to intensify the beauty of the emerald stone, it has to be glazed with oil. Otherwise, the stone will look more like a stone than a gemstone.

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