Understanding the Manufacturing Processes for Deriving Best-Quality TMT Steel Bars

by Shri Rathi Group TMT Steel Bar Manufacturer

Thermo Mechanically Treated Steel or TMT Steel is a pioneering construction material that has enabled forefront advantages in the infrastructure development sector and introduced revolutionized technologies in the same. These TMT Steel Bars have emerged to be an essential element of every modern construction project and have scaled in their popularity as well as scope of utilization.  

In order to completely understand the wonderful advantages that the steel TMT bars bring into construction projects, it is vital to learn about the immensely advanced manufacturing processes of the same. The 7 STAR TMT Bar Manufacture Rohtak assures unparalleled quality advantages and performance abilities from these structural steel elements that make your buildings endure even the harshest of conditions. 

Factors that determine the quality of steel TMT Bars  

  • The overall quality of raw materials sourced  
  • Quality of the rolling mill for shaping the metal into steel bars   
  • Enhanced systems for quenching and tempering processes

The Thermo Mechanical Treatment process for manufacturing Steel Bars for construction 

Knowing the manufacturing processes that go into manufacturing Steel TMT Bars vitally helps in choosing the right market offerings and thus enhancing the overall advantages to gain from the same.   

Conversion of Iron Ore to Steel material  

Fundamentally an Iron alloy with low percentage content of Carbon, Steel manufacturing utilizes conversion processes of raw iron ore. The three major raw materials used for deriving Steel are Iron Ore, Dolomite and Coal. Extracting each of these and mixing in appropriate quantities is the first stage of the steel manufacturing processes.

Increasing the iron substances and conversion of coal into coke are processes that undergo in these stages.  

Initial Steel Making processes 

In this step, primary steel is obtained by combining the carbon in iron with oxygen. The material then goes through a refining process and the molten steel is transferred through molds and cast into desired bar shapes.  

Thermo-Mechanical Treatment (TMT Process)   

This process is what differentiates normal primary steel from TMT Steel. TMT Steel Manufacturing Technology involves the three primary processes -

  • Quenching    

The hot rolled primary steel bars are processed with “Tempcore Technology”. Such a system involves spraying of the hot rolled bars with water and ensures that the outer surface rapidly cools down while the inner core remains soft. This is what gives the TMT Steel Bars their characteristic ductility features. This rapid cooling process is known as Quenching.

  • Self-Tempering         

Quenching process yields steel bars with a softer hot inner core and a harder cool outer surface. The gradual flow of heat from the core to the surface is known as self-tempering and results in a unique tempered structure.  

  • Atmospheric Cooling             

After commencement of self-tempering process, atmospheric cooling of the TMT Steel Bars takes place. This process undergoes at normal atmospheric temperatures on dedicated cooling beds.  

These three processes under Thermo Mechanical Treatment convert Primary Steel Bars into TMT Steel Rods that have a softer inner core and harder outer core for enabling best ductility as well as tensile strength.

7 STAR Shri Rathi Group offers the best TMT Steel Bars in Rohtak that are made with the ultimate processes ensuring peak quality and performance standards.

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