Guarantee Peak Quality and Performance of Steel TMT Bars with Advanced Testing Processes

by Shri Rathi Group TMT Steel Bar Manufacturer

TMT Steel Bars have experienced an unparalleled growth in demand and have been established as the go-to material for structural reinforcement. As we are facing an immense rise in infrastructure development projects, in order to suffice the requisites of same, it becomes every bit imperative to avail the best quality steel TMT bars.

For structural reinforcement of buildings across residential, commercial as well as industrial domains, steel TMT bars are an ideal choice. For gaining the best rigid and strong structures, steel TMT bars are an ideal choice.   

In order to make your homes and buildings long-lasting, it is imperative that the structures have an unparalleled strength at the core and the same can be ensured through reinforcement as availed from thermo-mechanically treated steel bars.   

Ensure that you avail the best quality TMT Bars in Palwal  

In order to be assured of your avail of the best-quality TMT steel bars, a number of tests and inspections help in the same. Moreover, these TMT steel rods are available in a variety of grades and each one has a specific suitability for utilization. A high-quality TMT bar possesses the best combination of strength and flexibility that makes a structure be able to resist heavy loads and also be safe against seismic forces.  

There are a number of tests that help determine the overall quality through identification of strength and elongation of steel TMT bars. These are - 

Testing of Yield Stress   

During the yield stress test of TMT bars, calculation of the maximum stress levels that the bar can sustain and also the levels of deformation achieved is determined. Until the yield point, the material continues to elastically deform and return to the original form.

A high-quality steel TMT bar possesses peak levels of yield stress and this enables the structure to be able to withstand heavy-loads without fail.

The tensile test of TMT Steel Bars  

The tensile test determines the overall strength of a steel TMT bar. This test derives results from the cross-sectional area and the tensile loads applied to the same. The ultimate tensile strength is the ratio of tensile load and cross-sectional area of the bars and it is vital to identify the maximum loads and stresses that a rod can sustain without fail.   

Bending and Re-bending test  

The steel TMT bars at a construction site are exposed to various bending and re-bending forces and their handling can vastly affect the overall performance of the rebars. The 550D Grade TMT Steel Rods in Palwal from Shri Rathi Group 7 STAR are made to undergo advanced stages of quenching which help the rods to possess better strength and elongation.   

Chemical composition testing of TMT bars  

In the chemical analysis test of TMT bars, a spectrometer is used to identify the percentage composition of Phosphorous, Carbon and Sulphur and the same must conform to the BIS standards.  

When found to be within the prescribed limits, the bars will display the ideal characteristics of strength and performance.

7 STAR has an exceptional expertise in manufacturing of the best Steel TMT Rebars.      

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