Understanding Social Media

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When you look at the various social media channels and the traffic that flows through these networks, you will be surprised at the amount of conversation and exchange of information that is taking place each passing second. As an individual, it has become normal that every one of us is logging in to several networks almost on a daily basis and pursuing their interests. When you wish to study Social Media from the perspective of a digital marketing agency interested in reaching out to a much bigger audience which happens to be your prospective customers, you will find that your approach to understanding of Social Media needs to change completely if you want to succeed in this face pacing the digital era. Basically, you will need to change your perception from that of a Social Media user or participant to that of a Marketer which requires you to look at the Social Media from a different angle altogether.


Social Media channels can be grouped together under broad functional categories such as Platforms, Content and Networks promoting interaction. Listing all of the platforms under the said categories help the digital agency choose their channel mix appropriately.

It helps them understand and identify the prospective customers and get clarity on how to engage with the customer in a positive manner. By identifying the specific medium that is likely to be effective in reaching out to the potential customer and prompting them to make that decision to buy, a social media marketing agency is able to form specific customer-centric approach and reach the target audience successfully.

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Social Platforms include the so-called Personal Social Networks, White Label Social Networks, as well as Wikis, etc. Under Social Content, the various blogs, microblogs, video sharing, photos as well as audio and podcast, etc. are covered. Social interaction platforms include the SMS, Emails, RSS as well as the various events, etc.


Marketing programs at a macro level deal with overall strategy, the media plan also contains a larger framework of approach to using various media including print, visual and traditional media. Social Media cannot be used in isolation because it is a part of the overall media mix that the advertiser uses to approach the consumers. And a digital agency needs to have a strong grasp over social media channels in order to grab the attention of potential consumers.


It is important to identify a particular segment of the target audience, map their presence in the particular platform and then choose the appropriate method of participation in order to succeed. Mapping the feedback cycle, understanding how the potential consumer makes his decision with the help of the others participating in the social media is necessary to be able to build a particular social media strategy. Social interaction forms the basis of advertising and marketing. Word of mouth tends to play a significant role in the traditional marketing and sales channels. When it comes to Social Media, the Word of Mouth assumes enormous proportion especially in case of microblogging and other channels. Understanding how this can support or harm the marketer’s reputation on the Social Media helps you design an effective marketing strategy that is tailor made for this segment.

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