Underground Vs Over-Head Water Storage Tanks

by Priti Das Marketing Executive
 Do you want to install a water storage tank in your house? Are you getting confused about what to choose between an above-ground and an underground water tank? Let us disclose some advantages and disadvantages of both the above-ground and the underground water storage tanks so that you can come to a conclusion about which one to choose that suits your purpose the best. 

    A.  Underground water tanks: Basically, underground water tanks are used in industries for commercial purposes. But, nowadays, for residential purposes, underground water storage tanks are being used. 

    • Advantages: 

    • Captures no space: As these types of water storage tanks are placed under the ground, they do not hold prime spaces. By using an underground water storage tank, the landowner can use the entire space for some important purposes and can enjoy his/her space. 

Nowadays, people intentionally make modular structures on the top of the underground water tanks. No one can assume there is a water storage tank if the owner uses an underground water storage tank in the area.  

    • A steady water temperature: Underwater tanks keep the balance of a steady temperature of the water in all seasons. 

    • Disadvantages: 

    • Expensive enough: Installing an underground water storage tank means investing a lot of money.  Underground water tanks are generally a bit more expensive than over-head water tanks. Besides, the entire process of the installation appears to be a costly one. 

    • Not-so-easy to maintain: The underground water tanks are always very hard to maintain. Even if there occurs any damage, it becomes hard to find on time as the tank is under the ground and not visible all the time. Finding the damage, and repairing it again is indeed a tough task for the owner. 

    B. Above-ground water storage tanks: Such tanks are majorly used for domestic purposes. Commercial sectors also prefer above-ground water tanks nowadays. 

    • Advantages: 

    • Easy maintenance: As an above-ground water storage tank is always accessible, it requires easy maintenance. Any kind of damages can be detected easily and can be repaired without any trouble. For the purpose of cleaning, these above-ground water tanks are the best that anyone can ever have. 

    • Easily replaceable: If an above-ground tank gets damaged severely and needs a replacement, it does not become very hard to replace that with another one. Above-ground tanks are easy to move from one place to another. The owner does not need to bother much in this matter. Whenever, he/she wants, can move the tank according to the wish. 

    • Disadvantages: 

    • Problems in water temperature: The problem of having an overhead water storage tank arises when it comes to the matter of the temperature of the water that is stored inside the tank. Over-head tank means, they are supposed to be placed under the open sky. Because of the direct exposure to heat and sunlight, the temperature of the water inside the tank gets fluctuated. Most of the time, the temperature of the water remains very hot and makes it difficult to drink. 

    • Pollution: The water inside the tank often gets polluted because of some flying particles and debris. As a result, the water no longer remains potable or drinkable. In order to avoid such problems, the lid of the water tank should always cover the upper portion of the tank so that no contaminants can enter the tank. 
The ultimate choice is yours. You should buy a water storage tank that fulfills all your requirements. 

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