Types of Infertility Tests for Men and Women

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Before infertility testing, the doctors in the best infertility clinic in Delhi try to understand the couple's medical history, age, etc. Based on this essential information, the doctor recommends some tests to determine your likelihood of getting pregnant. However, it is also possible in a few infertile couples that doctors cannot find any specific reason. It is called unexplained infertility.


Infertility Evaluation 

Infertility testing can be a little expensive at the best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR but worth it as you can't trust any unreputed clinic for such a necessary procedure. Let us now look at different infertility tests that men and women need to undergo.


Tests for Men

The testicles must produce sufficient healthy sperm for male fertility. Also, the sperm must effectively ejaculate into the women's vagina to reach the egg. Male infertility testing attempt to identify case there is any problem in these processes.


Specific fertility tests include:


·           Semen Analysis: The doctor at the best infertility clinic in Delhi NCR may ask for more than one semen specimen. The doctors then keep it in a clean container. A lab then analyzes it, and in some cases, doctors also test the urine.

·           Hormone Testing: A blood test determines the testosterone level and other hormones.

·           Genetic Testing: It is done to identify if there is any genetic defect that is causing infertility.

·           Testicular Biopsy: A testicular biopsy is also performed in some specific cases to determine potential abnormalities that might cause infertility.

·           Imaging: Imaging studies like a brain MRI, or scrotal ultrasound, is also performed in some situations.


Tests for Women

Ovaries must release healthy eggs for the women's fertility. The reproductive system should enable an egg to reach the sperm via the fallopian tubes for fertilization. The fertilized egg should be able to reach the uterus, and it must implant in the lining. To check if there's an issue in these essential processes, doctors perform specific tests. Consult Dr. Shivani Sachdev Gour if you plan for any of these tests.


Specific fertility tests include:


·           Ovulation Testing: A blood test is taken to measure the hormone level to identify whether you're ovulating or not.

·           Hysterosalpingography: It examines the uterus and fallopian tube's condition and checks if there are blockages or any other problems. An X-ray is performed to identify whether your cavity is normal or not.

·           Ovarian reserve Testing: This fertility testing identifies the number of available eggs for ovulation. It includes early hormone testing in the menstrual cycle.

·           Hormone Testing: Other tests determine the ovulatory and pituitary hormones as they control the reproductive processes.

·           Imaging Tests: A pelvic ultrasound checks if there is some uterine and ovarian disease you may have developed. 


However, not everyone has to go through all of these infertility tests. Doctors can find the cause with just one or two tests in some cases.



Depending upon your situation, your doctor will recommend specific tests. As fertility testing is a private affair, you can only trust the best infertility clinic in Delhi and the best fertility doctor like Dr Shivani Sachdev Gour.

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