Basic Infertility Diagnostic Tests Carried Out In Urology Clinics

by Shivani Sachdev Founder & Director

Providing with the most accurate semen analysis test, Top Andrological Hospital in Delhi is preferred by people where they would get assured about the laboratory test. As a result, it is not very genuine for a man to feel a bit anxious when he has to provide the specimen.

Doctors have made every possible to consider these special criteria’s and may be able to provide all the treatment and tests with suggestions and not to panic about it.


 1. Semen analysis related to infertility

Semen analysis is also known as sperm count test analyses various criteria about sperm, like the sperm number, the shape of the sperm, and the movement of the sperm that is called sperm mobility. To get a good idea about sperm health, two to three separate sperm the analysis is carried out the sperm analysis is carried out generally when the donor will have a good health condition and normal body temperature.

A semen analysis is often suggested when couples are having problems getting pregnant. The test will help a couple get to ensure whether the problem is within the female partner or the male. The analysis will also help determine whether low sperm count or sperm dysfunction and motility is the reason prime reason behind infertility.


2. Sperm processing for IVF.

Sperm processing for assisted reproductive technology (ART), processes such as IVF used to achieve pregnancy. On the day of egg retrieval, the sperm is generally provided. Occasionally the sperm is collected beforehand. After the laboratory receives the collected semen, the andrologist will wash the sample using a special solution that would remove cellular waste and remove dead sperm,

The living sperm is carried due to care and removes extra fluid through centrifugation through a special medium to bring specific motility. This concentrated sperm solution is then fully prepared to inseminate the eggs.


3. Post-vasectomy semen analysis to confirm clinical infertility

Men generally go through a vasectomy to control of birth. The tubes that carry semen or sperm from the testicles are permanently sealed to perform a post semen analysis to make sure no sperm are in their semen.

 To perform this minute surgery you have to visit the best andrologist in Delhi. After a vasectomy, doctors often recommend that men go for sperm analysis once or twice in a few months to ensure that sperm is no longer present in their semen.


4. Testicular biopsy reports

 A male infertility specialist can perform the test for infertility. A pea-shaped small surgical cut is made through the skin of the testicles. A small piece of the testicle tissue is removed by a sterilized needle. A local anesthetize is given to comfort the area. After a biopsy is done the opening in the testicle is closed with a stitch.

These laboratory services are offered for the appropriate reports and the urology treatment cost in Delhi is not very high, keeping in mind the problems common people who are facing these fertility issues.

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